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The Fun Park Cast Starring Randy Wayne, Jillian Murray, Randy Colton, Joshua Hartzog, Jadie Vaughn

The Fun Park Directed by Rick Walker

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Synopsis: Late one night in 1980, evidence exists that "Bobo - The Insult Clown" was bludgeoned to death while locking up for the night at the "Family Fun Park." For the next twenty-six years, the tale of Bobo"s ghost swells into an urban legend, as his remains were never found. Now it"s 2006 and six teens on a mission to refute "the Fun Park" myth, make a deadly discovery...the man known as "Bobo" actually lives in bowels of the abandoned park. The kids are abducted and killed one-by-one after being subjected to a bizarre and grisly ritual. MEGAN and her boyfriend JUSTIN manage to escape...but only MEGAN survives. After waking up in a mental hospital, Megan tells Psychologist MARISSA JADE her horrific story. The cops search for the five missing kids at the abandoned fun park, but find no bodies or evidence that Megan"s story is true. When the psychologist stumbles upon a tiny clue, she begins to investigate further and discovers that Megan"s chilling ordeal might have actually happened after all.

Tagline: The FACE of evil is changing...all night long.

The Fun Park Cast: Randy Wayne, Jillian Murray, Randy Colton, Joshua Hartzog, Jadie Vaughn, Alexis Hefner, Lance Vervack, Warren Hoover, Jessi Albright, Greg Hurley, Brad Ayala, Mike Liepart, Clint Caswell, Todd Lisenbee, Brad Copeland, Amy McRee, Keith Cotton, Rod Meyer, Trevor St. John David, Blake O., Kaileah Davis, Jenna Potts, Jennifer Ferguson, Greg Price, Sara Rae Foster, Jacqueline Quinnett, Vanessa Lauren Gamble, Dalton Skinner, Richard Geren, Tori Stahl
The Fun Park Directors: Rick Walker
The Fun Park Genres: Horror
Year: 2007
Runtime: 87 / 1h 27min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Randy Colton, Luke Curley, Ramsey Drake, Richard Geren, Bob Hoover, Greg Price, Tori Stahl, Rick Walker, Byron Werner
Cinematographers: Byron Werner
Editors: Brad Karnes

Language: English
Country: USA
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