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The Clown at Midnight (1999) Movie Poster
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The Clown at Midnight Cast Starring Christopher Plummer, James Duval, Margot Kidder, Sarah Lassez, John Bluethner

The Clown at Midnight Directed by Jean Pellerin

1,191 votes, 2.31 / 5 avg. rating (46% score)

Synopsis: After Kate"s friend Monica invites her to help clean up an old opera house where her mother was killed in a play she starred in, she is skeptical. But when the doors suddenly get locked from the outside, she has good reason to be. She starts having visions of her dead mother getting killed down in the basement and everyone starts to see a mysterious clown. When people start dying they decide that they have to get out quick. When the clock hits twelve, someone wants her to be in the final scene with them.

Tagline: Seven opposites, one old opera house, and a secret to die for.

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The Clown at Midnight Cast: Christopher Plummer, James Duval, Margot Kidder, Sarah Lassez, John Bluethner, Jonathan Barrett, Tatyana Ali, Melissa Galianos, J.P. Grimard, Ryan Bittle, Liz Crawford, Vicki Marentette, Pauline Broderick
The Clown at Midnight Directors: Jean Pellerin
The Clown at Midnight Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 1999
Runtime: 91 / 1h 31min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Jeff Geoffray, Gary Howsam, Walter Josten, Lesley Oswald, Gilles Paquin, Vonnie von Helmolt
Musicians: Glenn Buhr
Cinematographers: Barry Gravelle
Editors: Robert Lower

Production: Artisan Entertainment
Language: English
Country: Canada
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