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Cradle of Fear Cast Starring Emily Booth, Al Stokes, Mark Rathbone, Eileen Daly, Belinda Harding

Cradle of Fear Directed by Alex Chandon

3,087 votes, 2.24 / 5 avg. rating (44% score)

Synopsis: A gruesome homage to the cult Amicus anthology Asylum, Cradle of Fear unfolds four screamplays all linked by the unspeakable need of an incarcerated child killer to wreak vengeance on those responsible for his imprisonment. Helped by deranged angel Dani Filth, who leaves a trail of charnel house death in his crimson wake, the cannibal convict forces two Goth vamps to endure a one night stand from hell, two tough female robbers to see through each other, an obscenely rich coke-head to chop up more than a few lines and an internet surfer to descend into madness when he uncovers the ultimate web depravity.

Tagline: It"s Not If They Die... It"s How

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Cradle of Fear Cast: Emily Booth, Al Stokes, Mark Rathbone, Eileen Daly, Belinda Harding, Anna Haigh, Barry Lee-Thomas, Barnaby Power, Lucille Howe, Angela Kay, Neil Keenan, Tony Hickson, Dani Filth, Sean Boru, Edmund Dehn, Gian Sessarego, Stuart Laing, Tony Taras, Rebecca Eden, James Blakemore-Hoy, Louie Brownsell, David McEwen, Willie Evans, Emma Rice, Melissa Forti, Sara Kunz
Cradle of Fear Directors: Alex Chandon
Cradle of Fear Genres: Horror
Year: 2001
Runtime: 120 / 2h 00min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Ciska Faulkner, Eddie Kane, Paul Luke, Nico Rilla, Andy Skivington
Cinematographers: Sebastiani Bontempi
Editors: Alex Chandon

Language: English
Country: UK
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