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Cold Creek Manor (2003) Movie Poster
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Cold Creek Manor Cast Starring Daniel Kash, Christopher Plummer, Kristen Stewart, Dennis Quaid, George Buza

Cold Creek Manor Directed by Mike Figgis

19,739 votes, 1.63 / 5 avg. rating (32% score)

Synopsis: Wanting to escape city life for the countryside, New Yorkers Cooper Tilson (Quaid), his wife Leah (Stone) and their two children move into a dilapidated old mansion still filled with the possessions of the previous family. Turning it into their dream house soon becomes a living nightmare when the previous owner (Dorff) shows up, and a series of terrifying incidents lead them on a spine-tingling search for clues to the estate"s dark and lurid past...

Tagline: The perfect house hides the perfect crime.

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Cold Creek Manor Cast: Daniel Kash, Christopher Plummer, Kristen Stewart, Dennis Quaid, George Buza, Wayne Robson, Aidan Devine, Juliette Lewis, Peter Outerbridge, Stephen Dorff, Karen Glave, Ryan Wilson, Philip Williams, Simon Reynolds, Sharon Stone, Shauna Black, Brian Kaulback, John Bayliss, Raoul Bhaneja, J. Bogdan, Paula Brancati, Jill Fleischman, Paulette Sinclair, Gary Johnston, Leslie Dilley, John C. Warwick, Ray Paisley, Stephanie Morgenstern, Stan Coles, Timm Zemanek
Cold Creek Manor Directors: Mike Figgis
Cold Creek Manor Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Year: 2003
Runtime: 118 / 1h 58min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Mike Figgis, Richard Jefferies, Lata Ryan, Annie Stewart
Musicians: Mike Figgis
Cinematographers: Declan Quinn
Editors: Dylan Tichenor

Production: Buena Vista Pictures
Language: English
Country: USA, Canada, UK
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