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Molly Cast Starring Julia Batelaan, Remco de Ridder, Emma de Paauw, Joost Bolt, Annelies Appelhof

Molly Directed by Colinda Bongers, Thijs Meuwese

742 votes, 2.39 / 5 avg. rating (47% score)

Synopsis: In a post apocalyptic world where bullets have become currency and medicine is rare, a clan of marauders uses a home brewed drug to turn innocent people into rabid beasts to have them fight each other in their fighting pits for their entertainment. When their leader discovers rumors of a girl with superpowers roaming the beach near their fort, he sends his best people out to capture her. Meanwhile, the girl, Molly, has discovered a young child, living alone in a cabin in the wasteland, waiting for the return of her parents, who are probably dead. Molly has to protect the child and fight of the marauders at the same time.

Tagline: The legend is real...

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Molly Cast: Julia Batelaan, Remco de Ridder, Emma de Paauw, Joost Bolt, Annelies Appelhof, Andre Dongelmans, Arnost Kraus, Ali Sultan, Tamara Brinkman, Cyriel Guds, Shilton Chelius, Anne May De Lijser, Fransje Christiaans, Daan Colijn, Cheraine Baljé, Ewald Tienkamp, Mounir Aboulasri
Molly Directors: Colinda Bongers, Thijs Meuwese
Molly Genres: Sci-Fi, Action
Year: 2017
Runtime: 91 / 1h 31min
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Producers: Colinda Bongers, David Grover, Vincent Kranenburg, Thijs Meuwese, Kris Patmo
Musicians: Jochem Weierink
Cinematographers: Kris Patmo
Editors: Colinda Bongers, Thijs Meuwese, Kris Patmo

Language: English
Country: Netherlands