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Harvesters Cast Starring Leanna Chamish, Brian St. August, Howard Hoffman, Frank P. Claridge, Bob Knorr

Harvesters Directed by Joe Ripple

114 votes, 2.19 / 5 avg. rating (43% score)

Synopsis: Harvesters is an action-packed thriller about a small-time gang of misfits led by lesbian Gulf War veteran Frankie Falzone. After she thrashes a redneck at a strip club, she and her gang move on to a small town where they rob a liquor store and kill the clerk. When their car conks out, they carjack a young woman and force her to take them to her family"s home - located off the beaten path deep in the woods. Meanwhile, two U.S. marshals are hot on the tails of the gang. When the marshals track the gang to the home of Herbert and Betty Peelman, the real horror begins. Harvesters is a classic tale of two evils clashing in a life-and-death struggle for survival. Who lives and who dies? Joe Bob Briggs, in his nationally syndicated column, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In," said that Harvesters has...parallels to the great twisted backwoods families of film history, a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Motel Hell."

Tagline: They want your body... parts!

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Harvesters Cast: Leanna Chamish, Brian St. August, Howard Hoffman, Frank P. Claridge, Bob Knorr, John E. Teufel, Erin J. Corsair, Tim Kratz, James J. Waltz, Michael J. Covahey, Dorothy Lister, Katie Whicker, Joe Ripple, Chris Crocetti, Phil Lister, Deborah Wolfe, George Stover, Francis D. DeMuro, Norris H. McKee Jr., Edward Zarkowski, Sean Quinn, Donna DeVilbiss, Mark Moore, Julie Zeman, Ryan Franks, Maria Angelucci DiSabastiano, Barry Murphy, Joseph S. Lyons, Bryan 'Buck' Glinski, Don Oakjones
Harvesters Directors: Joe Ripple
Harvesters Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2001
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Don Dohler, Pam Mones, Joe Ripple
Producers: Donna DeVilbiss, Don Dohler, Beth Grist, Greg D. Redmer, Joe Ripple, George Stover
Cinematographers: Don Dohler
Editors: Don Dohler

Language: English
Country: USA
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