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Christmas Cruelty! Cast Starring Torgeir Marvin Utgård, Irene Anita Holsether, Bjørn-Andrè Arntsen, Lars Harald Frostad, Helene Kristin Wiik

Christmas Cruelty! Directed by Magne Steinsvoll, Per-Ingvar Tomren

122 votes, 2.53 / 5 avg. rating (50% score)

Synopsis: "O"Hellige Jul!" follows both a serial killer as he plans for his next kills, and the next set of victims he has set his sights on. As the group of friends we get to know prepare for Christmas in their own way we also follow the killer as he stalks and does his final research for this years Christmas cruelty. In the last act of the movie he invades the home of our group of friends to execute his twisted little plan as foreshadowed in the first act.

Tagline: Advarsel! Inneholder ekstremt blodige og brutale scener

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Christmas Cruelty! Cast: Torgeir Marvin Utgård, Irene Anita Holsether, Bjørn-Andrè Arntsen, Lars Harald Frostad, Helene Kristin Wiik, Ann Kristin Berg, Magnus Rishaug, Eline Aasheim, Kamilla Løvik, Torgeir Marvin Utgård, Peanøtt, Sven Are Ellingsæter, Kristian Moi, Trond Eide, Roger Rishaug, Tormod Lien, Ole Kristian Ø. Løvik, Martinus Ersvik, Chilli, Linda K. Edvardsen, Stine Elisabeth Hole, Alfhild Fagerheim, Trine Bjermeland Robertsen, Magne Steinsvoll, Asbjørn Vik, Kamilla Løvik, Jan Rune Ødegård, Tom-Stian Pedersen, Inger-Lill Ødegård, Anne Britt Fiksdal
Christmas Cruelty! Directors: Magne Steinsvoll, Per-Ingvar Tomren
Christmas Cruelty! Genres: Horror
Year: 2013
Runtime: 96 / 1h 36min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Eline Aasheim, Janne Iren Holseter, Anita Nyhagen
Producers: Kim Haldorsen, Magne Steinsvoll, Raymond Volle
Musicians: Magne Steinsvoll
Cinematographers: Karoline Emilie Folland Sæter, Raymond Volle
Editors: Truls Aagedal, Petter Aron Høyer-Fjellstad, Per-Ingvar Tomren, Raymond Volle

Language: Norwegian
Country: Norway

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