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  • In Theaters: Feb 01, 2019
  • VOD: Feb 01, 2019
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Braid Cast Starring Mauricio Ovalle, Scott Cohen, Sarah Hay, Mary Looram, Nancy Ozelli

Braid Directed by Mitzi Peirone

104 votes, 2.93 / 5 avg. rating (58% score)

Synopsis: Two wanted women decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend who lives in the fantasy world they created as children; to take the money they have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make believe.

Tagline: When You Wake Up Do Your Dreams Go To Sleep?

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Braid Cast: Mauricio Ovalle, Scott Cohen, Sarah Hay, Mary Looram, Nancy Ozelli, Imogen Waterhouse, Madeline Brewer, Brad Calcaterra, Dhoni Middleton, Ethel Fisher, Jill Dalton, Lenore Wolf, Tai Lyn Sandhu, Zack Calhoon, Zoe Feigelson
Braid Directors: Mitzi Peirone
Braid Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Year: 2018
Runtime: 82 / 1h 22min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Arielle Elwes, Ali Jazayeri, Joseph Lubin, Dino Mark, Mitzi Peirone, Richard Schlesinger, Todd Slater, Logan Steinhardt, Viviana Zarragoitia
Musicians: Michael Gatt
Cinematographers: Todd Banhazl
Editors: David Gutnik

Country: USA

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