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Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Cast Starring Ron G. Young, Angel Connell, Berta Muñiz, Ben Tolosa, Matthew G. Hill

Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Directed by Garry Medeiros

11 votes, 2.5 / 5 avg. rating (50% score)

Plaga Zombie: American Invasion from director Garry Medeiros is not my brand of film to watch, but if you liked The Toxic Avenger (1984), then you should like this movie. Tell us what you think of this film, will you watch it? Ben Tolosa, Matthew G. Hill, and Corey Spencer star in Plaga Zombie: American Invasion.

From Sai-Con Productions:

Picking up 20 years after the original trilogy the aliens return to Earth with another plan for world domination. This time setting their eyes on the small fishing city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, to begin the attack. What they were not counting on were the four lone survivors of the zombie virus they"ve unleashed into the city. Now a has-been wrestler Sam (Matthew G. Hill), his immigrant landlord Manny (Ben Tolosa), a love-torn athlete Nash (Corey Omar), and a mercenary for hire Kobra (Walter Rivero), must battle through the hordes of zombies in order to survive. Adding insult to injury the government blows up the city at its fault line setting it adrift into the Atlantic Ocean. Can the four unlikely heroes stay alive long enough to escape the floating city and warn the rest of the human civilization or will the aliens successfully infiltrate the government and wipe out mankind off the face of the planet?

Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Plot Synopsis:

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Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Cast: Ron G. Young, Angel Connell, Berta Muñiz, Ben Tolosa, Matthew G. Hill, Corey Spencer, Walter Rivero, Hernán Sáez, Pablo Parés, Logan Raposo, Jeff Kamps, Jeremy Labrie, Scott Lariviere, James Correia, Jonathan Cruz, Ilena Love
Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Directors: Garry Medeiros
Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Genres: Action
Writers: Cheryl LePan, Garry Medeiros
Producers: Jeremy Labrie, Scott Lariviere, Cheryl LePan, Walter Rivero

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