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Fighting the Sky Cast Starring Rod Fielder, Douglas Slygh, Theresa Wylie, Roger Conners, Judith A. Faraj

Fighting the Sky Directed by Conrad Faraj

174 votes, 2.07 / 5 avg. rating (41% score)

Synopsis: Strange other-worldly sounds are echoing around the world. A group of researchers, led by expert ufologist Lorraine Gardner, begin an expedition to track down the point of origin from which the sounds emerge. Yet as their journey deepens, they begin to discover more than they bargained for.

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Fighting the Sky Cast: Rod Fielder, Douglas Slygh, Theresa Wylie, Roger Conners, Judith A. Faraj, Alison Headrick, Matthew Ward, Christina Cacic, Nicole Ann Hicks, Logan Roberts, Joe Morales, Larry Cahill, Lauren Paulis, Joe Gotschall, Angela Cole, Bailey Weaver, Tara O. Horvath, Ed Conrad, Robert E. Rager, Sean Keta, Brianna Burke, Alexa Lyn Tucker, Steven Farris, Mable Howard Brown, Robbie Barnes, Sofia Plass, Rachel Anderson, Daniela Simms, Jinette Faraj
Fighting the Sky Directors: Conrad Faraj
Fighting the Sky Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Year: 2018
Runtime: 97 / 1h 37min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: David Matthew Cummings, Conrad Faraj, Roger Jones
Producers: Alejandro Faraj, Conrad Faraj, Mario Faraj, Abraham A. Jaar, Greg Kraus, Jorge Panayotti, Karim Qubain
Musicians: Tj Wilkins
Cinematographers: Greg Kraus
Editors: Christian Whitey Pokrywka

Production: Conrad Studios
Language: English
Country: USA