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Splatter University Cast Starring Michael Cunningham, Jim Martin, Francis Rienzo, Sherri Frachville, John Steiner

Splatter University Directed by Richard W. Haines

1,150 votes, 2.06 / 5 avg. rating (41% score)

Synopsis: A patient escapes from a mental hospital, killing one of his keepers and then a University professor after he makes his way to the local college. Next semester, the late prof"s replacement and a new group of students have to deal with a new batch of killings.

Tagline: Where the school colors are blood red!

Splatter University Cast: Michael Cunningham, Jim Martin, Francis Rienzo, Sherri Frachville, John Steiner, Jane Doniger Reibel, Steve Galon, Brett Steiner, Gillian Grosewald, Brian Mahoney, Dan Eaton, Sue Graff, Lisa Billici, Corey Grosewald, John Elias Michalakis, Ralph Cordero, Thomas Adami, Karen Murphy, George Seminara, Ron Darrier, Christopher Hamilton, Tommy Martin, Mary Ellen David, Joanna Mihalakis, Paul Kahaner, Athena Nickas, Iris Aleles, Don Costello, Charles Brukhardt, Rosemarie Stoffo
Splatter University Directors: Richard W. Haines
Splatter University Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Year: 1984
Runtime: 78 / 1h 18min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Michael Cunningham, Richard W. Haines, John Elias Michalakis
Producers: Richard W. Haines, John Elias Michalakis, Miljan Peter Ilich
Musicians: Christopher Burke
Cinematographers: Fred Cohen, Jim Grib
Editors: Richard W. Haines

Production: Aquifilm
Language: English
Country: USA
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