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  • The Dark Below Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 8
  • Overall Score: 5.73
  • IMDB: 4.5
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The Dark Below Cast Starring Veronica Cartwright, Tiffany Burns, William Dyer, Brandy Criscerti, Karina Martinez

The Dark Below Directed by Douglas Schulze

231 votes, 2.86 / 5 avg. rating (57% score)

Parade Deck Films will release Douglas Schulze"s The Dark Below (2015) in movie theaters this upcoming March 10, 2017. This film is a thriller where a serial killer stalks a woman forcefully keeping her under a frozen lake. Lauren Mae Shafer, David G.B. Brown, and Veronica Cartwright star in The Dark Below.

From the Press Release:

For his fourth and most daring film, director Douglas Schulze (Mimesis, Dark Fields) brings us The Dark Below. This tense, fear-driven film utilizes minimal dialogue to portray a woman (Lauren Mae Shafer) struggling for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer (David G.B. Brown) stalks her from the surface.

Parade Deck Films is releasing the survival thriller in select theaters beginning March 10, 2017.

The Dark Below is brought to life by a brilliant, bone-chilling soundtrack by multi-platinum recording artist Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill, The Beastie Boys), Robert Skates" visually astonishing cinematography, Schulze"s strong directorial instincts, and a searing performance from Veronica Cartwright (Alien, "24: Legacy"). The Dark Below has played several high profile genre film festivals including Fantasia International Film Festival, FrightFest UK, Monsters of Film in Sweden, and Toronto After Dark.

"I got involved with this project because Doug Schulze knows genre, and he knows film. In today"s environment The Dark Below is different. It is a classic serial killer movie but combined with an independent vision from the heartland of America. It should stand out among the movies available today." - Seth Willenson, Executive Producer

"From the second I saw the film, I knew we had to have it and am excited to see how audiences and critics alike react to such a brilliant and boldly creative film." - Michael Ingram, President of Parade Deck Films.

The Dark Below Plot Synopsis:

A woman struggles for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer stalks her from the surface.
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The Dark Below Cast: Veronica Cartwright, Tiffany Burns, William Dyer, Brandy Criscerti, Karina Martinez, Vivienne Greenleaf, Lauren Mae Shafer, Lizzy Bers, Seraphina Anne, Tom Trusco, David G.B. Brown, Sarah L. Macieczni, Zachary Levine, Lucy James, John Vella, Estee Lipenholtz, Seraphina Anne Zorn, Theodore Cole Anderson, Zachary Beck, Chuck Verschaeve, Lucie Gillespie, Salvatore Sbrocca, Arielle Kchikian, Arielle Olkhovsky, Emily McKeown, Taylor Frank, Keyna Reynolds
The Dark Below Directors: Douglas Schulze
The Dark Below Genres: Thriller
Year: 2015
Runtime: 75 / 1h 15min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Douglas Schulze, Jonathan D'Ambrosio
Producers: Kurt Eli Mayry, Kathryn J. McDermott, Douglas Schulze, Harper Shecter, Seth Willenson
Musicians: David Bateman
Cinematographers: Robert Skates
Editors: Jonathan D'Ambrosio

Language: English
Country: USA