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  • Movie Release Dates / Cloverfield Release Dates
  • In Theaters: Jan 18, 2008
  • Netflix: Nov 01, 2018
  • Blu-ray 4K: Jan 23, 2018
  • DVD: Apr 22, 2008
  • Cloverfield Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 6
  • Overall Score: 6.67
  • IMDB: 7.0
  • MetaCritic: 6.4
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 7.7
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Cloverfield Cast Starring Martin Pfefferkorn, Janis Jones, Chris Mulkey, Tim Griffin, Doby Daenger

Cloverfield Directed by Matt Reeves

342,538 votes, 3.34 / 5 avg. rating (66% score)

Synopsis: A group of friends venture deep into the streets of New York on a rescue mission during a rampaging monster attack.

Tagline: Some Thing Has Found Us

Cloverfield Cast: Martin Pfefferkorn, Janis Jones, Chris Mulkey, Tim Griffin, Doby Daenger, Jessica Lucas, Scott Lawrence, Ben Feldman, Julio Leal, Odette Annable, T.J. Miller, Mike Vogel, Rick Overton, Billy Brown, Michael Ark, Elena Caruso, Theo Rossi, Chris Spinelli, Jamie Martz, Rob Kerkovich, Don Abernathy, Jake McLaughlin, Brian Klugman, John Robert, James Thomas Bligh, Brice Harris, Anjul Nigam, Holly Dunlap, Tommy Gerrits, Paulo Giusti
Cloverfield Directors: Matt Reeves
Cloverfield Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Year: 2008
Runtime: 85 / 1h 25min
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Awards: 5
Nominations: 27
Producers: J.J. Abrams, David Baronoff, Bryan Burk, Sherryl Clark, Guy Riedel
Cinematographers: Michael Bonvillain
Editors: Kevin Stitt

Box Office: $79,952,254
Production: Paramount
Language: English, Russian
Country: USA

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