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It's a Wonderful Afterlife (2010) Movie Poster
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It's a Wonderful Afterlife Cast Starring Chris Wilson, Zoë Wanamaker, Jack Gordon, Sally Hawkins, Ray Panthaki

It's a Wonderful Afterlife Directed by Gurinder Chadha

1,350 votes, 2.12 / 5 avg. rating (42% score) Bend It Like Beckham"s Gurinder Chadha steps into horror comedy territory with this caper detailing the murderous lengths a mother goes to while trying to find her daughter a husband.

It's a Wonderful Afterlife Plot Synopsis:

Southall Police are baffled by four successive homicides of East Indians, and request Detective Raj Murthy to mingle with the local community and find out who is behind the murders. Raj does so and meets with his childhood girlfriend, Roopi Sethi, who lives with her widowed mother and brother, Jazz. Both continue to meet and an unsuspecting Raj will be taken by surprise when his superiors consider Roopi as a suspect in these homicides as she knew all the deceased victims. Before they could take any further steps, a fifth homicide occurs - that of Mrs. Goldstein. Again this victim is also known to Roopi, but in order to arrest her, they must find evidence and also a motive.
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It's a Wonderful Afterlife Cast: Chris Wilson, Zoë Wanamaker, Jack Gordon, Sally Hawkins, Ray Panthaki, Zoë Wanamaker, Shane Nolan, Garry Marriott, Jamie Sives, Steve Morphew, Amit Shah, Teghvir Gujral, Madhav Sharma, Steve Jones, Harry Rance, Ace Bhatti, Kumiko Kaur Chadha Berges, Mark Addy, Preeya Kalidas, Ronak Singh Chadha Berges, Shaheen Khan, Christopher Simpson, Lalita Ahmed, Mo Sesay, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Saraj Chaudhry, Toby, Greg Bennett, Adlyn Ross, Pepper
It's a Wonderful Afterlife Directors: Gurinder Chadha
It's a Wonderful Afterlife Genres: Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Year: 2010
Runtime: 100 / 1h 40min
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Writers: Gurinder Chadha, Paul Mayeda Berges
Producers: Paul Mayeda Berges, Gurinder Chadha, Chris Curling, Michelle Fox, Guy Heeley
Musicians: Craig Pruess
Cinematographers: Dick Pope
Editors: Oral Norrie Ottey

Production: UTV Communications
Language: English, Punjabi
Country: UK
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