Johnny Mnemonic (1995) Movie Review

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Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

1995 | R | Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, Crime
96 minutes / 1h 36min

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Johnny Mnemonic Plot Synopsis:

In 2021, the whole world is connected by the gigantic Internet, and almost a half of the population is suffering from the Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (NAS).Johnny with an inplanted memory chip in his brain was ordered to transport the over loaded information from Beijing to Newark. While Pharmakom Industries supported by yakuza tries to capture him to get the informaiton back, the Low-tech group led by J-Bone tries to break the missing code to download the cure of NAS which Johnny carries.

Johnny Mnemonic (1995) Review

Johnny Mnemonic (1995) is a 1h 36-minute Canadian-American cyberpunk crime-action-thriller movie that has an estimated budget of $26 million and grossed over $52,400,000 worldwide. Director Robert Longo (Arena Brains (1987), New Order: Substance (1989), R.E.M.: Pop Screen (1990)) did a horrible job executing this movie that had potential but had too many things going wrong with it including acting, editing and cinematography. The film contains extreme violence, bad language, no thrills, no excitement, no suspense and no tension. The movie was filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Newark, New Jersey, USA and several locations in Ontario, Canada.

Johnny Mnemonic revolves around a man, Johnny Mnemonic (Keanu Reeves - The Matrix (1999), Speed (1994), John Wick (2014), The Devil’s Advocate (1997)) with a cybernetic brain implant that was designed to store information. It was set in the future where a courier has uploaded data into a hard drive that is in his head and is now pursued by bad guys who want the valuable information in his head/hard drive. He is not only running from the bad guys but is also racing against time because he overloaded the hard drive which will in time seep into his brain resulting in him dying.

Johnny Mnemonic was an incoherent movie with an unbelievable futuristic environment that was boring with no suspense, awful dialogue, bad acting and had a few shots in dark junkyard type areas. Almost all of the sets appears to be the same. I was not pleased with this movie because it had potential with a few good elements and interesting premises. I must admit that the film had humor towards the ending where we see a few robot dolphins and a ghost-lady from inside the computer. With all said, I gave the film a four because the action scenes along with a few other good things about the movie.

  • Johnny Mnemonic Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 4
  • Overall Score: 3.64
  • IMDB: 5.6
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 1.3

About Johnny Mnemonic 1995

Title: Johnny Mnemonic
Year: 1995
Runtime: 96 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, Crime
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.82/5 stars from 60,982 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 60,982
MPAA Rating: R
Johnny Mnemonic Cast Starring: Keanu Reeves, Udo Kier, Dina Meyer, Henry Rollins, Dolph Lundgren, Gene Mack, Denis Akiyama, Ice-T, Don Francks, Michael Scherer, Von Flores, Cindy Sit, Takeshi Kitano, Barbara Sukowa, Paul Brogren, Michael A. Miranda, Glenn Bang, Sherry Miller, Coyote Shivers, Arthur Eng, Victoria Tengelis, Susan Tsagkaris, Warren Sulatycky, Christopher Comrie, Lynne Adams, Celina Wu, Robin Crosby, Jamie Elman, Natalie Gray, Simon Sinn
Johnny Mnemonic Writers: William Gibson
Johnny Mnemonic Director: Robert Longo
Production: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Language: English, Japanese
Country: Canada, USA