Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1988) Movie Review

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1988)

1988 | Horror, Comedy
80 minutes /

User Score: 75/100

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Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers Review


Angela, supposedly reformed and living under an assumed surname, is working at a summer camp. However, when the campers start misbehaving, she soon reverts to her old ways.

Angela is back (played by Pamela Springsteen, sister of Bruce), and the twisted psycho is up to her old tricks at Camp Rolling Hills. Pretending to be a counselor herself, Angela picks off campers in every way imaginable, including dressing up like Leatherface, Jason, and Freddy. This is gory, campy horror, and isn’t anything that really stands out, but it’s good for a laugh and a cheap scare.

About Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1988)

Title: Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers
AKA: Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
Year: 1988
Runtime: 80 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 8 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 8
Starring: Jill Jane Clements, Justin Nowell, Tony Higgins, Valerie Hartman, Brian Patrick Clarke, Walter Gotell, Susan Marie Snyder, Terry Hobbs, Kendall Bean, Julie Murphy, Carol Chambers, Amy Fields, Benji Wilhoite, Walter Franks III, Heather Binion, Jason Ehrlich, Pamela Springsteen, Carol Martin Vines, Renée Estevez, Tricia Grant
Writers: Fritz Gordon, Robert Hiltzik
Director: Michael A. Simpson

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