House of Wax (2005) Movie Review


House of Wax (2005)

2005 | R | Horror, Thriller
108 minutes /

User Score: 71/100

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House of Wax Review


A group of unwitting teens are stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit.

House of Wax (2005) is a 1h 48-min American-Australian horror thriller film that was a remake of the House of Wax (1953) which was a remake of Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933). The movie had an estimated budget of $40 million and grossed over $70 million at the box office. Director Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown (2011), Non-Stop (2014), Orphan (2009)) did an okay job executing this not so scary film. The movie contains sexual references, implies sexual acts, extreme violence, decapitations, gore galore, and bad language.

House of Wax revolves around a group of people going on a road trip to see a football game, but they took a shortcut that did not do any good for them. It was getting dark, so they decide to pull over and sleep the night in a deserted area. The group became a little unsettled after a car drove over to them and flashes its lights in their face before driving away. The group also smell a strange odor resembling something decaying and cannot wait for morning to arrive so that the can leave. They found their cars damaged in the morning and assumed that the guy with the flashing car lights is the one who did that. A few of them decides to stay back while a few heads out. They stumble upon a creepy town that will send chills through your body.

House of Wax does not have much suspense leaving almost everything to be straightforward which is something I do not like in films. The movie was still enjoyable although it contains countless horror movie cliches where we the viewer can predict who is going to survive. All of the cast gave us perfect convincing performances including Paris Hilton which is hard to believe since there were some intense scenes. The movie was extraordinary, and the film crew came together and gave us mind boggling scenes that were done exceptionally well. The soundstage was burned to the ground during filming which was not done intentionally.

About House of Wax 2005

Title: House of Wax
Original Title: Wax House, Baby
Year: 2005
Runtime: 108 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.55/5 stars from 14 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 14
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Jon Abrahams, Damon Herriman, Paris Hilton, Jared Padalecki, Robert Ri'chard, Emma Lung, Kendal Rae, Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van Holt, Dragicia Debert, Thomas Adamson, Murray Smith, Sam Harkess, Andy Anderson
Writers: Charles Belden, Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

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