Mercury Man (2006) Movie Review


Mercury Man (2006)

2006 | R | Action
106 minutes /

User Score: 40/100

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Mercury Man Review


When a supernatural substance embeds itself in the body of an unsuspecting fireman, he is transformed into the superhuman Mercury Man.

Mercury Man (2006) is a Thai superhero martial arts action movie that had a lot of nice scenes, but it was not enough to make the film into something that I will watch again. It was enjoyable and entertaining at times, but it was also boring and dragged on at times. Director Bhandit Thongdee (The Unborn (2003), Pumpuang (2011), 4 Romance (2008)) did not excel at making this movie a hit, but at least he tried again and did excel with Pumpuang (2011). The action scenes were choreographed nicely but could have been better - love the fight scenes. I feel terrible not liking a lot of movies I have seen recently, but the fact is it is hard to come across a good movie. I wish 90 percent of the movies were rated five or higher, but that is a dream because the film industry is wasting too much money to make mediocre grade movies. The graphics were average, and so was the acting.

Mercury Man is about Bangkok firefighter, Chan (Wasan Khantaau) being stabbed with an ancient Tibetan amulet. The Tibetan amulet transforms Chan into a superhero when his body becomes superheated. Chan quickly learn how to manipulate it to gain super strength and make giant leaps. Afghan terrorist, Osama bin Ali (Anon Saisangcharn) wants the Tibetan amulet. Osama wants the power the amulet gives so that he can use it to destroy the United States. Osama will do anything to get the amulet from Chan, even kidnapping Chan’s mother and transsexual sister. No more spoilers from me, except that Chan has to make a decision and that might end up deadly.

I will not recommend this movie to other action movie lovers, but I am happy that I gave it a chance and watched. There were some great scenes but a few actors overacted and it showed. The ending was amazing although predictable. I was not happy that the movie made reference to the United States and Osama but, it is a movie. The actors could have pulled off a better job with their performances. Open minded movie viewers should watch this movie as there are blemishes that the nitty picker movie goers will dislike.

About Mercury Man 2006

Title: Mercury Man
Year: 2006
Runtime: 106 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Action
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2/5 stars from 10 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 10
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Libby Brien, Alaa Safi, Kazu Patrick Tang, Philip Hersh, Cullet Eric, Wasan Khantaau, Jinvipa Kheawkunya, Parinya Kiatbusaba, Metinee Kingpayom, Erik Markus Schuetz, Ashiraya Peerapatkunchaya, Anon Saisangcharn, Atthakorn Suwannaraj
Director: Bhandit Thongdee

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