Fright Night Part II (1988) Movie Review

Fright Night Part II (1988)

1988 | Horror, Thriller, Comedy
104 minutes /

User Score: 49/100

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Fright Night Part II Review


Charley Brewster and Peter Vincent must face more vampires which are out for revenge.

Fright Night Part 2 is the sequel to Fright Night with William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowell reprising their roles again to hunt vampires. In my opinion, I thought it would have improved much on the first movie, perhaps with a bigger budget but I was a little let down. This time, Charley has to fight the sister vampire (Regine Dandridge - Julie Carmen) of the vampire (Jerry Dandrige - Chris Sarandon), he killed in the first Fright Night. This time, they increased the vampires to a vampire clan with Charley and Vincent Price as the esteemed vampire hunters. Funny but not as funny as the last movie. I enjoyed Fright Night Part 2 but I just thought so much could have been done to improve the original.

About Fright Night Part II (1988)

Title: Fright Night Part II
AKA: Fright Night Part 2
Year: 1988
Runtime: 104 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Score: 3 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.4/5 stars from 94 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 94
Starring: Bob Bergen, Roddy McDowall, Jon Gries, Brian Thompson, John Lafayette, Ed Corbett, Julie Carmen, Gary Allen, William Ragsdale, David Efron, Michael Joiner, Neith Hunter, Grant Owens, Brad Koepenick, Ed Quinlan, Traci Lind, Jennifer Joan Taylor, Russell Clark, Jill Augustine, Merritt Butrick, Gar Campbell, Ernie Sabella, Robert Jenkins, Matt Landers, Josh Richman, Dinah Cancer, Karen Anders, Rochelle Ashana, Blair Tefkin, Alexander Folk
Writers: Tom Holland, Tim Metcalfe, Miguel Tejada-Flores, Tommy Lee Wallace
Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

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