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Quarantine (2008)

2008 | R | Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
89 minutes / 1h 29min

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Quarantine Plot Synopsis:

A television reporter and her cameraman are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles fire crew. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartments. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to leave with the news crew, only to find the building has quarantined. All communication in and it is stopped; the only evidence of what took place is the news crew's videotape.

Quarantine (2008) Review

Quarantine (2008) is a 1h 29-min rate R American found-footage supernatural horror thriller film that is an American horror remake of [REC] (2007) and was shot in several locations in California, USA. Director and screenplay writer John Erick Dowdle (As Above, So Below (2014), No Escape (2015), Devil (2010)) did a phenomenal job executing this spine-chilling movie. Quarantine is a great film with high effective scares throughout that will send chills up your spines. Quarantine is a carbon copy of the story and shots of [REC] with the exceptions of different characters and an American dialog.

Quarantine has a very simple plot. A news team was assigned to cover a local fire with the fire departments day to day activities where the news crew will walk around asking questions and of course, film everything that will be edited later. I was not convinced that this movie was going to be anything remotely close to spectacular during the first ten minutes, but then I remembered [REC] and sat tight. The fire department received a routine fire emergency call to an apartment complex about an old lady who is sick with her doors closed leading to thing going haywire, and the news team got more than they bargained.

The old lady bit one of the firefighters and the chaos began as the bitten firefighter and old lady started biting others causing them to become infected. The viral outbreak caused its victims to go into a maddened deteriorated state with foam oozing out of their mouths as they became violent. The violence ensues as more people became infected leading the hazmat team amongst other agencies to quarantine the building with healthy, not infected people trapped in there with infected people.

The news cameraman is continually filming everything leading the entire film to only being shot from his POV. The film was compelling/effective as we only get to see part of things and was in the dark for other things. The intense level grew as we can only see through the eyes of the cameramen but the shaky camera action was a little too much for me as I got a little dizzy. The makeup effects, sound, acting, editing, and scares were all done nicely. Jennifer Carpenter gave us brilliant acting as she changes her personality/emotions rather quickly and seamlessly. Quarantine was highly effective as a modern horror film where we are accustomed to seeing several POV movies. The horror might scare the pants off of you.

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  • Our Score: 8
  • Overall Score: 6.48
  • IMDB: 6.0
  • MetaCritic: 5.3
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 5.7

About Quarantine 2008

Title: Quarantine
Year: 2008
Runtime: 89 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Reviewer: Score: 4 / 5 stars Avg. Rating: 3.24/5 stars from 63,825 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 63,825 MPAA Rating: R
Quarantine Cast Starring: Doug Jones, Johnathon Schaech, Jay Hernandez, Rade Serbedzija, Joe Fria, Andrew Fiscella, Bernard White, Joey King, Denis O'Hare, Steve Harris, Elaine Kagan, Jennifer Carpenter, Stacy Chbosky, Jeannie Epper, Rosine 'Ace' Hatem, Shawn Driscoll, Michael Potter, Greg Germann, Robert Hall, Marin Hinkle, Jermaine Jackson, Benjamin Stockham, Sharon Ferguson, Michael Hyland, Ben Messmer, Barry Sigismondi, Josh Polizzi, Mike Strong, Christian Svensson, Scott Donovan
Quarantine Writers: John Erick Dowdle, Drew Dowdle, Jaume Balagueró
Quarantine Director: John Erick Dowdle
Box Office: $31,691,811
Production: Screen Gems
Website: http://www.containthetruth.com/
Language: English
Country: USA