Psycho 4 (IV): The Beginning (1990) Movie Review

Psycho 4 (IV): The Beginning (1990)

1990 | R | Horror, Thriller, Mystery
96 minutes /

User Score: 67/100

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Psycho 4 (IV): The Beginning Review


Norman Bates recalls his days as a young boy living with his schizophrenic mother while fearing his unborn child will inherit his split personality disorder.

A WONDERFUL WAY TO END THIS!!! TERRIFIC SERIES!!!!!! Psycho 2 was an amazing sequel but in my humble opinion this one surpasses it it has a great story to it and i enjoyed the flashbacks to Norman’s younger days some twisted things happened back then. this is stylishly directed with neat blotches of red this is suspenseful with lots of cool moments SPOILERS!!!!!! SPOILERS!! like when this girl just wanted to make love with him she sneaks into his mother’s room and BAM SPOILERS!! she gets stabbed to death. also i liked the whole concept of Norman telling his life story to a radio show i thought it was creative and very interesting plus it had AMAZING performances and likable characters plus the characters were developed very well and it had a tense finale and a cool ending SPOILERS!!!!!!! when Norman gets rid of the past for good and it was cool too see a Younger Norman.

About Psycho 4 (IV): The Beginning (1990)

Title: Psycho 4 (IV): The Beginning
AKA: Psycho IV: The Beginning
Year: 1990
Runtime: 96 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Score: 3 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.3/5 stars from 6 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 6
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Cynthia Garris, CCH Pounder, John Landis, Anthony Perkins, Olivia Hussey, Henry Thomas, Warren Frost, Donna Mitchell, Tom Schuster, Sharen Camille, Bobbi Evors, Kurt Paul, Louis Crume, Doreen Chalmers, Alice Hirson, Ryan Finnegan, Peggy O'Neal, Bob Barnes, George Zaloom
Writers: Joseph Stefano, Robert Bloch
Director: Mick Garris

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