The Company of Wolves (1984) Movie Review

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The Company of Wolves (1984)

1984 | R | Horror, Fantasy
95 minutes / 1h 35min

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The Company of Wolves Plot Synopsis:

Rosaleen is a teenager, living in a country house in England with her family in the present days, and having a nightmare with wolves and werewolves in the Middle Ages. In her dream, her boring sister is dead, she lives with her father and her mother, but she spends lots of time with her lovely grandmother. Granny tells her many stories of werewolf and gives her the following advice: "- Never stray from the path in the woods, never eat a windfall apple, and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet." One day, Rosaleen, while going to visit her grandmother, meets a handsome man and bets who would arrive first at her granny's house. Soon she finds who he is.

The Company of Wolves (1984) Review

The Company of Wolves (1984) is a British fantasy horror movie that was filmed in Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK and in Victory Cross, Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire, England, UK. Director and co-writer Neil Jordan (The End of the Affair (1999), The Crying Game (1992), Michael Collins (1996)) is experienced in his field, and it shows through his movies. The Company of Wolves contains brief nudity, sexual references, violence, suspense, frightening scenes and thrills.

The movie is basically about a dream that young Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson - Do I Love You? (2002), Tick Tock Lullaby (2007), Snow White (1984)) has when she fell asleep from reading a magazine. Rosaleen dreams all sorts of dreams about her family. She dreamt that her sister Alice (Georgia Slowe - Emmerdale (1972), Black Arrow (1985), Lab Rats (2010)) is killed by wolves when her family was living in a fairytale forest. Rosaleen then went to live with her superstitious grandmother (Angela Lansbury - Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971), The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Murder, She Wrote (1984)) while her parents are grieving over her dead sister. Her grandmother then knitted a red shawl for Rosaleen and warned her to stay far away from men who have eyebrows that meet. Rosaleen soon leaves her grandmother to return home to her parents. During her walk home, she met a boy (Shane Johnstone) who walked with her through the forest. The boy discovered that the wolf had attacked the cattle. The villagers were shocked when they found the wolf and cut off its head - it turned human.

Rosaleen returns to the forest to take a basket of treats for her grandmother and meets a handsome huntsman (Micha Bergese - Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), Best (2000), Zina (1985)) whose eyebrows meet. Rosaleen fell into his trap and agreed to race him to see who is going to reach her grandmother’s cottage first. Is the huntsman a bad guy that Rosaleen is head over heels for? Will the huntsman, Rosaleen or the grandmother die? This movie reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. I have only touched on the beginning of the movie so, please watch the movie to find out what happens. I recommend this to all fans who like horror and fantasy mixed in together. The movie is a unique, original, intelligent movie that was made well and has to be viewed with an open mind to be appreciated. I love the graphic transformation scenes and the settings. The storyline was wonderfully done as well, see the movie!!!

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  • Our Score: 7
  • Overall Score: 7.13
  • IMDB: 6.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 7.7

About The Company of Wolves 1984

Title: The Company of Wolves
Year: 1984
Runtime: 95 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.57/5 stars from 13,168 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 13,168
MPAA Rating: R
The Company of Wolves Cast Starring: David Warner, Terence Stamp, Stephen Rea, Brian Glover, Jim Carter, Jim Brown, Micha Bergese, Vincent McClaren, Ruby Buchanan, Jimmy Gardner, Angela Lansbury, Roy Evans, Edward Marksen, Graham Crowden, Kathryn Pogson, Tusse Silberg, Ian Durrant, Sarah Patterson, Georgia Slowe, Susan Porrett, Shane Johnstone, Dawn Archibald, Richard Morant, Danielle Dax
The Company of Wolves Writers: Angela Carter, Neil Jordan
The Company of Wolves Director: Neil Jordan
Production: Cannon Releasing
Language: English
Country: UK