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Watchmen (2009)

2009 | R | Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery
162 minutes / 2h 42min

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Watchmen Plot Synopsis:

In a gritty and alternate 1985 the glory days of costumed vigilantes have been brought to a close by a government crackdown, but after one of the masked veterans is brutally murdered an investigation into the killer is initiated. The reunited heroes set out to prevent their own destruction, but in doing so discover a deeper and far more diabolical plot.

Watchmen (2009) Review

Watchmen (2009) is a 2h 42-min American adventure mystery-action superhero film that was based on Watchmen 1986–87 DC Comics limited series. Watchmen had an estimated budget of $130 million and grossed over $185.3 million at the box office. Director Zack Snyder (300 (2006), Sucker Punch (2011), Man of Steel (2013)) faithfully adapted the comic with a smart, inventive, stylish manner/way. The movie contains sexual content with nudity (glowing blue p***is), extreme graphic violence, bad language, frightening scenes, suspense, tension, and action. Watchmen is a dark take on superhero films where it is set in 1985 in an alternate history where the Cold War was happening between the United States and the Soviet Union. A group consisting of some retired and unretired American superheroes known as Minutemen began investigating one of their colleague’s murder only to discover a deadly conspiracy.

A team of superheroes in costumes known as the Minutemen initiated in 1939 to fight crimes and a similar group named the Watchmen was similarly formed several years later. Doctor Manhattan / Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup - Almost Famous (2000), Princess Mononoke (1997), Big Fish (2003)) was one of the superheroes to help the United States win the Vietnam War. Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian/Edward Blake (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - The Losers (2010), The Possession (2012), P.S. I Love You (2007)) did not retire and still helps the government. Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley - A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Little Children (2006), The Bad News Bears (1976)) discovered that the superheroes might be in danger after finding out that someone murdered Edward Blake.

Rorschach warned all of the superheroes, but a few of them disregard his warning. Rorschach was later framed for a murder and sent to prison but will his friends come to his rescue after his identity is revealed? We were introduced to more superheroes and found out one of Edward’s secrets. I enjoyed this film greatly, but it is not a movie to be watched while being distracted by thought and other things because it can be complicated at times.

Watchmen was a visually striking film with a complex narrative structure that many individuals might have a hard time understanding especially if they are not familiar with the material. It was a compelling, visceral film that was daring, intelligent, magnificent, had brilliant sound, images, and characters. I did not like the film’s Cold War setting which made the movie somewhat boring, hollow, truncated and felt suffocated at times but that does not take away from an overall enjoyable experience. Another problem is that there was not much camera movement to capture the scenes from different angles making the actors movements appearing to be stiff.

  • Watchmen Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 8
  • Overall Score: 7.05
  • IMDB: 7.6
  • MetaCritic: 5.6
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 6.4

About Watchmen 2009

Title: Watchmen
Year: 2009
Runtime: 162 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery
Score: 4 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.52/5 stars from 440,565 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 440,565
MPAA Rating: R
Watchmen Cast Starring: Luke Burnyeat, Patrick Sabongui, Michael Adamthwaite, Patrick Wilson, Garry Chalk, Stephen McHattie, Gary A. Hecker, Michael Eklund, Darren Shahlavi, Dan Payne, Colin Lawrence, Matt Frewer, Douglas Chapman, Jerry Wasserman, Clint Carleton, Jackie Earle Haley, Jay Brazeau, Carla Gugino, William S. Taylor, Mark Acheson, Don Thompson, Frank Novak, Sonya Salomaa, Fulvio Cecere, Michael Kopsa, Laura Mennell, Rob LaBelle, Sylvester Stallone, Dawn Chubai, Greg Travis
Watchmen Writers: David Hayter, Alex Tse, Dave Gibbons
Watchmen Director: Zack Snyder
Box Office: $107,453,620
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Language: English
Country: USA