Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (2009) Movie Review

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Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (2009)

2009 | R | Horror, Thriller, Crime
91 minutes / 1h 31min

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Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas Plot Synopsis:

The true story of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.

Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (2009) Review

Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (2009) is an American crime thriller-horror movie about one of America’s most notorious serial killers , Henry Lee Lucas. Henry admitted to murdering over 350 people from 1975-1983 through various states with his partner, Ottis Toole, who is also a serial killer that sometimes helped him. Director, producer and co-writer Michael Feifer (Abandoned (2010), Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield (2007), Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck (2007)) did not do a good job shooting the film in Llano, California, USA. Drifter contains bad language, violence, aberrant sexuality, blood, suggestive sexual content, a slit throat and a couple of stabbings.

Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas tells us the chronicle story of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas from his childhood days growing up to his arrest. Henry’s mother beat him regularly, verbally abused him and forced him to watch her being sexually intimate with various men resulting in his childhood to be troubled. He grew up slowly in Virginia becoming a criminal resulting in him later becoming a murderer. Henry recanted his murders which made it hard to believe if he was a killer or liar. He confessed to killing his mother after they had an argument. Henry was a drifter taking on odd jobs until he met Ottis and his niece Becky, who was 12-years-old. Here is the sick part, Henry, and Becky became lovers while Henry and Ottis became best friends/buddies. Henry later killed Becky after she repeatedly told him that she was homesick leading him and Ottis to have an argument. Henry was convicted of Becky’s murder and one other person.

Henry was a good liar making it difficult to believe how many people he actually did kill. He would say he killed "blank" amount of people and later recant what he said. He agreed most of the time with whatever prosecutors asked him and then denied it once again. With all said, there is no answer to how many people Henry actually killed and no book or movie will give you a "one hundred percent" true facts about his life.

Drifter reminds me of a cliff note version of a true crime case because it has no real depth and only touches the surface of the subject/facts with not much details given. I felt as though the movie was based on guesses instead or hardcore fact which makes it a lousy watch. I want facts when I am watching a serial killer film that is said to be based on actual events but sadly, the movie indulges us by giving us an insight into his cases. I have written several articles on serial killers which contain facts that can be made into a movie and think the writers and director should start making serial killer movies on serial killers that have true facts connected to them.

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About Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas 2009

Title: Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas
Year: 2009
Runtime: 91 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Crime
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.03/5 stars from 552 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 552
MPAA Rating: R
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas Cast Starring: John Diehl, John Burke, Thomas Garner, Antonio Sabato Jr., Joseph Walsh, Kelly Curran, Caia Coley, Sanja Banic, Mike Korich, Matteo Indelicato, Coley Feifer, Bill Jacobson, Kenny Thornton, Rusty Burns, James A. Seale, Kostas Sommer, Lauren Levine, Keleigh Averill, Brandon Seale, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, John Wrightson, Scott Lilly, Nicolas Canel, Dean Mason, Ezra Averill, Kat Delancey, Yvonne Wang, Eliza Swords, Nicole Marie Johnson, Jay Pickett
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas Writers: Wood Dickinson, Michael Feifer, Christopher Ryan
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas Director: Michael Feifer
Production: Atlantic
Language: English
Country: USA