Grindhouse (2007) Movie Review

Grindhouse (2007)

2007 | R | Horror, Thriller, Action
191 minutes /

User Score: 84/100

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Grindhouse Review


Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's homage to exploitation double features in the 60s and 70s with two back-to-back cult films that include previews of coming attractions between them.

Grindhouse (2007) is the pairing of directors Robert RodriguezEli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright, and Rob Zombie. Grindhouse had an estimated budget of $53 million dollars and took in only $11.5 million opening week, ouch.

Grindhouse mashes two feature films together to create a movie experience with four trailers to fake movies. That is three hours and eleven minutes long. Robert Rodriguez did the feature "Planet Terror" and the fake trailer for "Machete." Eli Roth created the fake trailer for "Thanksgiving." Quentin Tarantino created the second feature film with "Death Proof." Edgar Wright created his fake trailer for "Don’t." Rob Zombie created his fake trailer for "Werewolf Women of the S.S."

Although as a complete movie experience, Grindhouse delivers what it set out to accomplish, a unique movie experience that every movie fan should experience. That does not curb the rough edges of the feature films and the over cliche scenes and characters. Violence and gore are lavished in the feature films, especially in Planet Terror where zombies are the main theme. Should you watch Grindhouse? Yes, you should. Will you enjoy it and watch it again? You most likely will enjoy it with many fun characters with the actors delivering terrific performances and the special effects looking great. That does not mean you will rewatch Grindhouse by any means.

About Grindhouse (2007)

Title: Grindhouse
Original Title: Grind House, Grindhouse: Double Feature
Year: 2007
Runtime: 191 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Action
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 4.2/5 stars from 19 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 19
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Danny Trejo, Bill Moseley, Tom Savini, Nicolas Cage, Simon Pegg, Bruce Willis, Udo Kier, Sheri Moon Zombie, Kurt Russell, Gary Teague, Eli Roth, James Parks, Michael Biehn, Josh Brolin, Tom Towles, Nicky Katt, Rosario Dawson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Michael Parks, Jay Hernandez, Peter Serafinowicz, Quentin Tarantino, Rafe Spall, Jonathan Loughran, Marley Shelton, Jason Isaacs, Zoë Bell, Kelley Robins, MyAnna Buring, Michael Deak
Writers: Robert Rodriguez, Rob Zombie, Edgar Wright, Jeff Rendell, Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, Rob Cotterill, John Davies, Jason Eisener
Director: Rob Zombie, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, Edgar Wright

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