Under the Bed (2012) Movie Review


Under the Bed (2012)

2012 | R | Horror
87 minutes /

User Score: 70/100

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Under the Bed Review


Two brothers team up to battle a creature under the bed, in what is being described as a "suburban nightmare" tale.

I did not like about 80 percent of monster/creature movieĀ Under the Bed. It was very corny, slow and unsuspenseful. I would put this movie in the mediocre pile along with my other movies with a score of 4 or below. This movie deserves a 3 because of the last ten minutes of this movie. I did not expect the father to die and did not expect it to end with the monster actually attacking. The movie story line is so common about bogeyman under the bed and going to different realms to be saved by someone you wish you didn’t have in your life. In the end, your are grateful and thankful that you have that person and then actually seeing that that person actually does truly love you and would do anything for you. I think that pretty much explains the emotions shown in this movie. I love the brother bond in this movie and how well they helped each other.

Director Steven C. Miller (Silent Night, Granny, The Aggression Scale) has directed many movies so I am pretty shocked at his work on Under the Bed.
Neal Hausman (Jonny Weston - John Dies at the End, Caroline and Jackie, Sugar) and Paulie Hausman (Gattlin Griffith - 3 Holiday Tails, Green Lantern, The River Why) are two brothers that are scared of the monster under their bed. They are both students who miss their mother and now resides with their father and step mom.

You will have to wait for the last twenty something minutes of the movie to see all the gore and frightening scenes. I did not feel connected to Under the Bed and felt no emotions toward it, well except that its not worth my time to watch again. I would not recommend this movie to kids or adults. I did not like the father parenting system he had in place. He locks his kids in their room to teach them a lesson and there is no way for them to come out of the room because he locks the room door from the outside. With that said, I still did not feel any empathy for the kids. The movie was pretty much boring. I cannot really think of a highlight moment in this movie that got me a bit interested.

About Under the Bed 2012

Title: Under the Bed
Year: 2012
Runtime: 87 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Score: 1.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.5/5 stars from 10 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 10
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Musetta Vander, Jonny Weston, Alyssa Elle Steinacker, Kris Holmes, Stephanie Hernandez, Ron Roggé, Travis Berens, Mario E. Garcia, Gattlin Griffith, Sarmarie Klein, Peter Holden, Kelcie Stranahan, Bryan Rasmussen, Nikki Griffin, Tyler Steelman, Sam Kindseth, Ivan Djurovic, Garrett Jones, Walter Miranda, Griff Kohout
Writers: Eric Stolze
Director: Steven C. Miller

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