Dark House (2014) Movie Review


Dark House (2014)

2014 | R | Horror, Thriller
102 minutes /

User Score: 71/100

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Dark House Review


When Nick Di Santo learns that his father is not only alive but can possibly reveal the origin of his son's dark gift, he sets out on a trip that takes him to an abandoned mansion he thought only existed in his childhood imagination.

I was truly impressed by this movie. I received it for a review just like any other movie and did not think much of it until I started to watch it. Dark House (2014) reels you in after the first 20 minutes of the horror movie. The first 20 minutes introduces you to the characters and how their relationship started. I would definitely recommend everyone who is a horror fan to get this movie as soon as possible and watch it. Dark House contains mild comedy, some bad language, monster like creatures that seem like zombies with huge axes, violence, intimate scenes but no visual nudity, suspense, thrills and sitting on the edge of your seat moments.

Director Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers 3) could not have done a better job executing this movie. It was awesomely done and I would watch it again and again. The visual effects, cinematography, characters and just about everything in this movie was extremely good. The ending scene of Nick, Eve and Ryan was a shocker and I love it - did not see it coming at all.

Nick Di Santo (Luke Kleintank - Sacrifice, Phantom Halo, 1000 to 1) is the main character in this movie and throughout the movie he is trying to find out more information about his father who he does not know. Nick really wants to find his father because Nick has a special gift and he wants to learn more about it and he believes that only his father can help him. Nick visits his mom who is a patient in the asylum on his birthday and had a vision of how she was going to die. Nick’s mom died on his birthday and eight months later, Nicks learns of the home his mom left for him. Nick takes his almost due pregnant wife/girlfriend Eve (Alex McKenna - Other People’s Children, The Freemason, Stand By) and their roommate/his best friend Ryan (Anthony Rey Perez - Circle of Death, Don’t Pass Me By, Heartbreak) along on a journey to find his father. On their journey, they ran into three land surveyors who turns out to be…

Dark House had so much more that I did not mention because I do not want to spoil the movie for all horror and non horror fans out there. I do not really see why the movie is rate R for the violence and language, there is worse movies out there that is rated for kids viewing. I would recommend this movie for young teenagers and adults.


How is it possible that the mother in the asylum had on perfect makeup, beautifully done hair and a nice outfit.

About Dark House 2014

Title: Dark House
AKA: Haunted
Year: 2014
Runtime: 102 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.55/5 stars from 28 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 28
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Zack Ward, Patricia Belcher, Tim J. Smith, Nick Epper, Tobin Bell, Casey Hendershot, Lesley-Anne Down, Danny Epper, Brandon Smith, Brandon Richardson, Amye Gousset, Greg Sproles, Luke Kleintank, Cameron Spann, Alex McKenna, Anthony Rey, Lacey Anzelc, Ethan S. Smith, Charles Agron, Tonya Carter, Daniel Ross Owens, Max Gail, Tony Sanford
Writers: Charles Agron, Victor Salva
Director: Victor Salva

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