A Haunted House 2 (2014) Movie Review

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A Haunted House 2 (2014)

2014 | R | Horror, Fantasy, Comedy
86 minutes / 1h 26min

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A Haunted House 2 Plot Synopsis:

After losing his beloved Kisha in a car accident, Malcolm starts anew, by remarrying Megan, a mother of two. When things begin to get back into their paranormal ways, targeting both the children and the property, things complicate even more when his back-to-life Kisha moves into the neighborhood.

A Haunted House 2 (2014) Review

A Haunted House 2 (2014) earned fewer points for the comedy and fewer laughter. There is not much difference between the two movies. It also had more violence than part one. It contains bad language, graphic reference to sexual matters, nudity, violence, gore, profanity and some drug use. There is no suspense or frightening scenes in this movie at all - it is comedy horror after all. I am sorry to say this, but I feel it is money gone to waste with making this movie - donate it to a charity or something. The sex scenes are plain disgusting and they once again over-killed it. I am just shaking my head as I am writing this review because I cannot think of anything worthwhile about this movie to give it a higher score than one.

A Haunted House 2 is directed by Michael Tiddes who has also directed A Haunted House (2013) and Crawl Space (2007). As I mentioned in A Haunted House review, Tiddes does not have vast experience in the directing field and that adds to his poor execution of this movie, as well. Writer Marlon Wayans (The Heat, Dance Flick, Norbit) did not help Tiddes with the poor script he wrote. A Haunted House 2 could have been a great movie if it had a great writer and an awesome director to execute it. Why did Tiddes put in such a long sex scene with Malcolm and the doll?

I will stop trashing the movie and tell you a little about it. The movie is about Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) getting over his ex girlfriend who was possessed by an evil spirit. He was driving her to get help when he got into an accident and she died instantly. Malcolm and his cousin flee the seen, leaving Kisha (Essence Atkins) dead body alone. Malcolm met Megan (Jaime Pressly - Keepers, Making the Rules, Lost in Austin) who has two children and falls in love with her one year later. Megan and Malcolm got a suburban house for their little family to live together. They start experiencing paranormal activity on their first day in the house. Malcolm then revisits their previous videotapes with him and Kisha discovering something he did not before. He then calls the priest and others to help with the situation.

Do not waste your money to see this movie. It is not even worth your time when you have nothing to do.

  • A Haunted House 2 Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 1
  • Overall Score: 1.91
  • IMDB: 4.7
  • MetaCritic: 1.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 0.8

About A Haunted House 2 2014

Title: A Haunted House 2
Year: 2014
Runtime: 86 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Comedy
Score: 0.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 0.96/5 stars from 17,985 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 17,985
MPAA Rating: R
A Haunted House 2 Cast Starring: Kurt Carley, Dave Sheridan, Marlon Wayans, Taylor John Smith, Missi Pyle, Chris Gann, Larry Moran, Tom Virtue, Lawrence Moran, Mikal Kartvedt, Essence Atkins, Kirsty Hill, Ashley Rickards, Affion Crockett, Rick Overton, Cedric the Entertainer, Mark Henry, Jaime Pressly, Iva La'Shawn, Gabriel Iglesias, Mari Possa, Dion Lack, Melissa Barker, Scott Burn, Steele Stebbins, Hayes MacArthur, Audrey Petenbrink, Marissa Welsh, Sophie Dee, Kym Whitley
A Haunted House 2 Writers: Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez
A Haunted House 2 Director: Michael Tiddes
Box Office: $13,710,572
Production: Open Road Films
Website: http://www.facebook.com/AHauntedHouse
Language: English
Country: USA