The Aztec Box (2013) Movie Review


The Aztec Box (2013)

2013 | Horror, Thriller, Mystery
113 minutes /

User Score: 44/100

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The Aztec Box Review


4 college students dig up an ancient Aztec relic in their own backyard, only to discover a dark force that is attached to it.

The Aztec Box (2013) is a found footage English mystery thriller horror movie that was filmed in Fullerton, California. First-time director, producer, editor and writer Serge Bronstein had a beautiful idea for a movie but failed at executing it. He should probably stick to screenplays because I would like to see another director direct this nice screenplay. Great attempt though for a newbie. The movie was made on a $25,000 budget, and it shows. The Riverside setting was a beautiful visual sight for me to watch. The movie contains suspense, lots of tensions, nice pace, not much blood and okay actors/characters.

The movie starts by showing us the police department receiving phone calls of strange things happening at the home of the four college students. Upon arrival, the police officers saw several dead bodies that seem to be sacrificed in a satanic ritual. The police department have taken the 600 hours of found footage that was found in the home and minimized it for the public to see in an effort to get help on solving the case.

The Aztec Box is about four college students who rents a house in Riverside, California while attending college. The four students rented the house at an exceptionally cheap price with one warning - not to touch the fruit garden. Nick (Nick Uzarski - The Father (2014), Color of Honor (2012), The Barracks (2011)) and Darren (Hans Hernke - The Haunting of Misty Creek (2001), Hidden Agenda (2014), Red Eye (2005)) are film students who put security camera throughout the house to make a reality show after receiving an assignment from their film class. Nick, Darren, Karen (Brisa Freitas) and Liz (Suziey Block - Knight Chills (2001), Exquisite Corpse (2010), Entrance (2012)) disobeyed the rule and picked a lemon from the garden. They decide to plant a lemon tree and discover an old smelly ancient box covered with bugs in their backyard. They dug up the box that has a coiled snake and skull attached to the top of the box. The four college students of course, out of curiosity, open the deadly artifact box and bad things start happening to them.

Serge Bronstein did a good job building the story and letting the audience having a little at a time until he was ready was the big drop. The characters appeared real and not as though they are acting. The movie could have used less of the words "bro, dude, oh my god and babe." It was a nice watch, but it is not a movie that I would recommend to true horror fans.

About The Aztec Box 2013

Title: The Aztec Box
Year: 2013
Runtime: 113 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.2/5 stars from 9 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 9
Starring: Ted Ferguson, Suziey Block, Paul Zaharia, Paul Del Pizzo, Silvio Fama, Brisa Freitas, Tom Gillis, Hans Hernke, Matthew Hiraoka, Lore Jac-Rey, Shawn Jun, Hillary Low, Cynthia Paredes, Steven Richards, Nick Uzarski
Writers: Serge Bronstein
Director: Serge Bronstein

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