The Reckoning (2014) Movie Review

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2014 | R | Thriller, Mystery, Crime
86 minutes /

User Score: 60/100

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The Reckoning Review


After his partner is murdered, a detective must track down two teenage runaways whose video footage contains the identity of the killer.

The Reckoning (2014) is an Australian crime thriller movie that contains mysteries and is in English. The movie is 86 minutes long and was filmed in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Director, producer and writer John V. Soto (Needle (2010), Crush (2009), That Which Haunts Me (2015)) did a good job for a newbie. Soto has skills, and I cannot wait to see more of his movies - I became attached to the Rachel in this movie. The movie contains dark thrills, suspense, sitting the edge of your seat moments, violence, twist, and emotions.

Detective Robbie Green (Jonathan LaPaglia - The District (2000), The Hit List The Hit List (2011), Deconstructing Harry Deconstructing Harry (1997)) found an SD card in the pocket of his colleague Detective Jason Pearson while investigating his death/murder. Rachel (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence - X: Night of Vengeance (2011), Bed of Roses (2008), Acolytes (2008), The Square (2008)) and AJ (Alex Williams - Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012), Paper Planes (2014), No More Fallen Heroes (2011)) are making a documentary about Rachel’s sisters’ hit and run death relating to drugs. Rachel and AJ are also runaway teens and it is their SD card that Detective Robbie found. The story gets interesting when Detective Robbie and Detective Jane Pearson (Viva Bianca - X: Night of Vengeance (2011), Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010), Accidents Happen (2009), I Want You (2013)) start following the video footage and start discovering dead bodies along the way. They later discover in the video that Detective Jason Pearson (Luke Hemsworth - The Anomaly (2014), Infini (2015), Neighbours (1985), Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms (2012)) is/was connected to the drug ring/operation. Detective Jason said on the video that Detective Robbie is involved in Rachel’s sisters’ death. Detective Robbie was discharged from the investigation of Detective Jason’s death and went home to find Rachel and AJ holding his family hostage. Rachel is battling cancer and is determined on avenging her sister’s death. Watch the movie to see the rest, you shall not be disappointed in the ending of the movie if you enjoy what I wrote previously.

The movie was slow at first but grabbed my entire attention after the twist. I really enjoyed this movie and will watch it again with friends and family. The actors were phenomenal as were the cinematography. The found footage part in this movie did not bother me at all, and as my readers know, I am not a fan of found footage. I gave this movie a six because there was plot holes and questions like; why did he do this and not that, it makes no sense, etc. Overall the movie touched me, and I enjoyed it.

About The Reckoning 2014

Title: The Reckoning
Year: 2014
Runtime: 86 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Score: 3 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 43 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 43
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Emily Howard, Andrew Lewis, Luke Hemsworth, Alex Williams, Katie Dorman, Laura Collier, Michael Davies, Arielle Gray, Naomi Hanbury, John McPherson, Viva Bianca, Nicola Bartlett, Paris Fields, Lauren Thomas, Desiree Crossing, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Siobhan Dow-Hall, Jean Marcello, Jonathan LaPaglia, Matt Elverd, Renato Fabretti, Rebecca Robinson, Tom O'Sullivan, James Hagan, Luke Thornley, Troy Coward, Susan Taylor Suchy, Priscilla-Anne Forder, Stuart Halusz, Clara Helms
Writers: John V. Soto
Director: John V. Soto