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2015 | R | Horror, Drama
111 minutes / 1h 51min

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The House on Pine Street Plot Synopsis:

Seven months pregnant, Jennifer Branagan reluctantly returns to her hometown in Kansas after an unexpected mental breakdown. Coping with her fears of motherhood, a strained relationship with her husband, Luke, and the overbearing presence of her own mother, Meredith, Jennifer struggles to regain control of her life. But when strange things start happening in their rental home, Jennifer begins to fear that it may be haunted. Alone in her convictions, Jennifer is forced to question her sanity as she attempts to find out what, if anything, is plaguing the house.

The House on Pine Street (2015) Review

The House On Pine Street (2015) is an American independent psychological drama horror movie that is 11 minutes long and was filmed in Leavenworth, Kansas, USA and Independence, Missouri, USA. Directors, producers and co-writers Aaron Keeling (I.Q. (2009), Match Work (2009), Modern Ruins (2010)) and Austin Keeling (I.Q. (2009), Something More (2011), The Sandman (2010)) did a remarkable job filming this movie in just 19 days. I am beginning to have a love for Independent horror movies as they truly excel lately.

The House On Pine Street is about Jennifer (Emily Goss - An Emotional Affair (2013), Rolling Romance (2013), Jail Time (2013)) who is seven months pregnant. She is married to Luke (Taylor Bottles - Riquisimo (2014), La Mime (2014), A Likely Story (2013)) who leaves his hometown, Chicago to rent a lovely 1800s historic home in Kansas. Things are going well; Luke has a new job that has room for advancement and Jennifer’s mom drops by to congratulate them. Jennifer did not take long to experience paranormal activities; where she is the only one and that added complication to her marriage. She does not have a solid relationship with her mother, Meredith (Cathy Barnett - Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006)) and her paranormal experience does not make it better. We later find out that Meredith is a control freak that is not easy to deal with. She convinced her daughter that she needs to raise her child in the suburbs instead of Chicago, found Luke’s job for him and the rental home. Jennifer is trying her best to figure out what is going on, and as she does so, she encounters some scary people including, twins, her neighbors, and guests. She also found doors that are creepy scary.

Jennifer and Luke have marital problems, and Jennifer is not excited about the baby, she does not want to have a baby! Jennifer is feeling abandoned as all everyone can talk about is the baby - don’t forget, no one believes her about the supernatural occurrences happening to her and around the house. Meredith planned a housewarming party for Luke and Jennifer without their consents and invited her friends mostly. She did not invite Jennifer’s best friend, Lauren (Natalie Pellegrini - Sharknado (2013), Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (2014), Cleaver Family Reunion (2013)) although she invited others. Jennifer met her neighbor Marlene (Tisha Swart-Entwistle) who appeared as though she hasn’t slept in ages. She met Marlene’s teenage twin daughters, Lucy and Claire (Cayla Kunkel & Chelby Kunkel) who don’t talk. The twin daughters suffer from a Selective Mutism, which selected to not talk by choice, and they haven’t talked since they were little. Meredith’s friend Walter (Jim Korinke) says that he is a psychic and feels energies in the house.

Lauren decides to visit Jennifer and stay for a few days with her ever so creepy toddler son Brad (Keagon Ellison) that makes me shiver. Jennifer and Lauren decide to have a seance to solve the paranormal activities happening to Jennifer but they soon wish that they did not. Things took a drastic turn and… Watch the movie to see if it is just all in Jennifer’s head or is there really evil lurking and only haunting Jennifer.

The movie was spectacular in every possible way. I was glued to the screen from the first minute to the very last, even after the credits. I wanted more. The location of the movie did the movie justice, and it gave it the creep factor it needed. The actors all did an amazing job regardless of the level of experience they have in the movie industry. The directors have talent as it takes a lot to film a movie in just 19 days and execute it to its full potential.

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  • Our Score: 9
  • Overall Score: 6.60
  • IMDB: 5.3

About The House on Pine Street 2015

Title: The House on Pine Street
Year: 2015
Runtime: 111 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Drama
Score: 4.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.3/5 stars from 1,675 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 1,675
MPAA Rating: R
The House on Pine Street Cast Starring: Robert Jones, Emily Goss, Taylor Bottles, Cathy Barnett, Jim Korinke, Natalie Pellegrini, Tisha Swart-Entwistle, Keagon Ellison, Daniel Shirley, Jeannie Blau, Andy Entwistle, Cayla Kunkel, Chelby Kunkel
The House on Pine Street Writers: Natalie Jones, Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling
The House on Pine Street Director: Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling
Language: English
Country: USA