The Burning Dead (2015) Movie Review

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The Burning Dead (2015)

2015 | R | Horror
82 minutes / 1h 22min

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The Burning Dead Plot Synopsis:

In North California, the scientist Dr. Stevens and his assistant Eve Jones are researching a volcano near eruption to evacuate the residents. Meanwhile, Mindy Roberts, her daughter Nicole and her boyfriend Ryan are visiting Mindy's estranged father Old Ben, who lives in an isolated cabin on the top of the mountain. Sheriff Denton is rescuing persons that might have been left behind. Out of the blue, each person discovers that volcano zombies are attacking them on the mountain to eat their flesh. Who will survive?

The Burning Dead (2015) Review

The Burning Dead (2015) is an American Indie low budget horror movie that is also known as Volcano Zombies (2015). Director Rene Perez (The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (2014), Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still (2013), The Snow Queen (2013), The Dead and the Damned (2011)) failed horribly on executing this movie. I gave this movie a score of two because it was funny to see how the civilians would trip when running to save their lives from the lava possessed zombies.

The Burning Dead begins by showing American-Indian known as Night Wolf (Danny Trejo - Machete (2010), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Heat (1995), Machete Kills (2013)) telling a story to young boys and then we see the actual movie. The Burning Dead is about a volcano erupting near Donner Pass and spitting out red hot lava zombies. The residents are ordered to vacate their premises and move ten mile away until the volcano cools down, but one old resident refuses to leave his home. Sheriff Denton (Thomas Downey - Dracula’s Curse (2006), Frankenstein Reborn (2005), The Beast of Bray Road (2005), Sorority Party Massacre (2012)) is surveying the area to make sure all the residents has vacated their premises. The Roberts family wants to leave but stays back in an effort to convince grandfather Ben (Robert F. Lyons - Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981), Murphy’s Law (1986), Death Wish II (1982), Platoon Leader (1988)) to evacuate his home. The volcano had turned out to be more than what they thought, and now everyone who relocated to the ten miles radius is also in trouble as the volcano can wipe out the entire village/town. As that was not bad enough, the volcano is also releasing flesh eating lava filled zombies that are attacking the civilians.

I found it very amusing that the director decided to show an insane and pretty female taking topless selfies near the crater with her camera as the volcano is teaming and is about to erupt. Yeah, it is a once in a lifetime moment but it might also be your last breath on earth.

The movie was a total waste of my time, and I was devastated that I put myself through that although I pretty much knew that I was going to horrible. The special effects, CGI, lighting and everything was purely horrible. The acting did not help because the actors all overacted on their roles. The movie had numerous inconsistencies throughout.

  • The Burning Dead Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 2
  • Overall Score: 2.13
  • IMDB: 2.2

About The Burning Dead 2015

Title: The Burning Dead
Year: 2015
Runtime: 82 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Score: 1 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.07/5 stars from 604 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 604
MPAA Rating: R
The Burning Dead Cast Starring: Danny Trejo, Noel Jason Scott, Thomas Downey, Pat Jankiewicz, Tom Nagel, John Scuderi, Nicole Srp, Kelsey Zukowski, Adam Gregor, Rachel Fitzgerald, Robert Amstler, Walter L. Harper III, Jeff Miller, Matthew W. Tate, Jason Prado, Jailene Arias, Michael Swinehart, Mark Sikes, Breanna Bunevacz, Amanda Snapp, Justin Corrales, David Hutchison, Brad Darnold, Nyki Bell, Morgan Lester, Jason Ancona, Bryan James Lillis, Moniqua Plante, Zachary Sellen, Shannon Marie Sauceda
The Burning Dead Writers: Jason Ancona, Jeff Miller
The Burning Dead Director: Rene Perez
Language: English
Country: USA