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2015 | R | Horror, Thriller, Drama
90 minutes /

User Score: 51/100

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Shut In Review


Anna suffers from agoraphobia so crippling that when a trio of criminals break into her house, she cannot bring herself to flee. But what the intruders don't realize is that agoraphobia is not her only problem.

Shut In (2015) is an American drama horror movie that is 90 minutes long and was filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. Director Adam Schindler did a phenomenal job directing his first full-length movie. The only other thing he has ever directed is Killing Floor: Uncovered (2014) and that was a short film. Shut In is an intense thriller movie that was cleverly put together. Adam is on a road to fabulous things, and I cannot wait to see more horror movies from him. This movie contains all the content a huge horror fan would like to see in horror movies. The cover image for this movie does it justice and just screams horror.

Shut In revolves around Anna (Beth Riesgraf - Leverage (2008), Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007), Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth! (2013), Nobody (2009)) is an agoraphobic. Anna has been taking care of her older brother and had not left her home for over ten years. Her brother lost his battle to cancer and Anna is left to live in her house in Louisiana alone. Three thieves had seen Anna with a huge amount of cash and planned to break into Anna’s house while she attends her brother’s funeral. The thieves broke into Anna’s house but to their surprise, Anna is home and not attending her brother’s funeral. The three thieves (Jack Kesy, Martin Starr, Joshua Mikel) whose character names were never mentioned in the movie soon learns a life lesson. I was so applauding with a big smile when fragile Anna gave her attackers the unexpected outcome. It was a horrific thriller moment for me. Anna is up to no good and has a sinister plan for the intruders that will have them wishing that they did not enter her home. I did not see that coming and loved all the sides of Anna. She was evil, emotional, sad**tic and wicked - Never judge a book by its cover - Do not judge a person by their appearance because a sick person might be the most dangerous encounter of your lifetime. The intruders are now fighting to escape Anna’s house in one piece.

A delivery man ( Rory Culkin - Signs (2002), Mean Creek (2004), You Can Count on Me (2000), Lymelife (2008)) that works for Meals on Wheels delivers food for Anna. I felt terrible for Rory at first as he becomes caught up in the home invasion. Rory has a crush on Anna but is his intentions good? Every horror fan should watch this movie as the theme of the movie has been seen numerous times, but this movie stands out from the other home alone intruder movies. This movie is an original home invasion movie with no cliches found by me. The darkly creepy movie left me wondering, who can we trust in the world we live in today? The best performance was done by Anna. The other actors did a good job as well, but Anna’s acting skills excel all others. The sets were as creepy as it can get, and the twists were great. I will see this movie again and do recommend it all horror fans. It is a creepy dark movie that makes you think about life and the people around you.

About Shut In 2015

Title: Shut In
Original Title: Intruders
Year: 2015
Runtime: 90 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Score: 4.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.55/5 stars from 160 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 160
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Joshua Mikel, Rory Culkin, Martin Starr, Leticia Jimenez, Jack Kesy, Beth Riesgraf, Timothy T. McKinney
Writers: T.J. Cimfel, David White
Director: Adam Schindler