Scary or Die (2012) Movie Review

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2012 | R | Horror
94 minutes /

User Score: 44/100

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Scary or Die Review


The creation of filmmaker Michael Emanuel, SCARY OR DIE tells five interwoven horror stories that take place in and around the "City of Angels"...

Scary or Die (2012) is an American horror anthology movie that was originally titled Terror Byte (2012). It is comprised of five stories that intertwine in Los Angeles. This movie was an utter waste of my time except for the segment - Clowned. The actors did a terrible job with their roles in the other four segments, and the screenplay was a tad bit boring. Clown should be made into a full movie with an expanded detailed storyline. The segments did not make sense, and there were too many plot holes. Horror fans should stay clear of this movie or fast forward to Clown and then take it off.

Segment - The Crossing

Buck (Bill Oberst Jr. - Deadly Revisions (2013),  Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012), Resolution (2012)) and his friends patrol the Mexico-United States border. They patrol the border in their free time to look for illegal immigrants. Buck and his crew are very cruel because they are not looking to help the immigrants. They capture their victims and brutally murder them to send a message to others who might be thinking of illegally entering their country. The guys did not expect for their victims to rise from the dead - highlight of the segment. The dead are out for revenge.

Segment - TaeJung’s Lament

A male lost his wife and could not bear to be without her, so he started to follow females that look like his wife. He did not expect to witness one of those female being kidnaped and rescued her. The female invited him for a night out, and he was in for the surprise of a lifetime. The female he rescued is being hunted by Van Helsing.

Segment - Re-Membered

Sam (Christopher Darga - Bruce Almighty (2003), The Mask (1994), Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011), Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000)) is a cop that should not be trusted. He murders a man because he was hired to do so for a large sum of money. The victim he murdered and dismembered is still somehow alive, and it is up to Sam to figure out what is going on.

Segment - Clowned

A flesh-eating clown bites drug dealer, Emmett ( Corbin Bleu - High School Musical (2006), High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008), Galaxy Quest (1999)) at a family’s birthday party. Emmet was shocked and terrified at his transformation, also disgusted by his new urge to eat human flesh. What will Emmet do? This was the best segment in the anthology. All of the other segments were a waste of my time. I gave this movie a three because of Clowned and the great performances given.

Segment - Lover Come Back

A woman is out for revenge on her cheating husband who caused her to die. She returns from the grave to kill her husband but instead starts remembering their relationship and how everything started to fall apart.

About Scary or Die 2012

Title: Scary or Die
Original Title: The Crossing
Year: 2012
Runtime: 94 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Score: 1.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.2/5 stars from 25 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 25
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Bill Oberst Jr., Corbin Bleu, Alpha Takahashi, Charles Rahi Chun, Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Christopher Darga, Andrew Caldwell, Katie Cockrell, Kellie Cockrell, Nikki Moore, Shawn-Caulin Young, Jeff Nimoy, Damond McFarland, Hali Lula Hudson, Lucia Trozzi, Andrew McReynolds, Alexandria Choi, Ryan Nealy, John Moran, Aldo Emanuel, Ethan Kim, PaSean Wilson, Vito Emanuel, Maxie Santillan Jr., Xavier Davis, Megan Sherman, Alice Kalim Lee, Derrick Jones, Azion Lemekeve, Meghan Sherman
Writers: Bob Badway, Michael Emanuel
Director: Bob Badway, Michael Emanuel, Igor Meglic