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Sinister 2 (2015)

2015 | R | Horror, Thriller, Mystery
97 minutes / 1h 37min

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Sinister 2 Plot Synopsis:

Following the events from the first film, a different family; a mother and her 2 sons move into a rural house that's marked for death. When the deputy from the first film learns that this family is next in line to fall to the demon Bhughul, he races before time to stop it and save them from the same fate.

Sinister 2 (2015) Review

Sinister 2 (2015) is an American horror movie that was shockingly not what I expected it to be. The movie was filmed in several locations in Illinois and is 97 minutes long. It is a sequel to Sinister (2012) which was more appealing, creepy and disturbing than Sinister 2. Ciaran Foy directed the film and is best known for directing Citadel (2012). Sinister (2012) was based around one family child killing everyone in their family because the child was possessed. The beginning of that movie was disturbing from the start as it showed a family hanging from a creepy looking tree. I was very disturbed viewing Sinister 2, and it was not in a creepy way but in a way that "screams, what am I looking at". Sinister 2 was not creepy and did not send any chills running up my spine. Sinister 2 did not offer many scares except for a few creepy moments, haunted houses that are suppose to scare you somehow and kids being possessed. The kids being possessed gave off a little scare when you see them doing what they do and knew what will happen.

Sinister 2 revolves around kids, ghost kids and possession by a demon. The Deputy (James Ransone - Sinister (2012), Inside Man (2006), Oldboy (2013)) is no longer a deputy in this movie and is now a private investigator. He is now determined to try and stop whatever it is that kills families while capturing it on video. He sooner than later, caught up to the demon in a house next to a church. Courtney (Shannyn Sossamon - A Knight’s Tale (2001), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006), 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)) and her twin sons, Dylan and Zach are hiding at their house. Dylan is shy and keeps to himself while Zach is the brave twin and loves to compete. The demon that possesses children is named Bughuul. Bughuul likes to possess kids that are shy and keep to themselves because they are easier to possess and control. The children’s he has possessed over time has visited Dylan in the middle of the night to try and convince him to join them as they show him the films of where they kill their family. Forgot to mention, Zach likes to bully Dylan, and they have an abusive alcoholic father who abuses the boys and their mother. What do you think Dylan will do? Will he join the kids and become possessed or will he deny them?

The children in this movie gave a bad performance, and the adults did an okay job with their performance, but not a good job. The videos of the murders were unwatchable at times because it did not appear to be real, and you can tell it is made up. Yes, the film is not real but it was not the least bit convincing. I hope there is not a Sinister 3 in the making because that will be a total waste and not a box office hit after people see’s Sinister 2. Overall - Do not go to see this movie because you will be wasting your hard earned money. For horror fans that really want to see this movie then wait for it to show on TV because you are truly not missing out on anything.

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  • Our Score: 4
  • Overall Score: 3.52
  • IMDB: 5.3
  • MetaCritic: 3.2
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 1.3

About Sinister 2 2015

Title: Sinister 2
Year: 2015
Runtime: 97 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Reviewer: Score: 2 / 5 stars Avg. Rating: 1.76/5 stars from 39,560 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 39,560 MPAA Rating: R
Sinister 2 Cast Starring: Ethan Hawke, Michele Sweeney Abrams, Jeff Dlugolecki, James Ransone, Juliet Rylance, Michael Hall D'Addario, Clare Foley, Victoria Leigh, Nicholas King, Robert Daniel Sloan, Shannyn Sossamon, John Beasley, Nicole Santini, Dartanian Sloan, Jose Santiago, Michael B. Woods, Jaden Klein, Tory O. Davis, Laila Haley, Grace Holuby, Lucas Jade Zumann, John Francis Mountain, Caden M. Fritz, Alex Ludwig, Olivia Rainey, Nico Cruea, Caden Marshall Fritz, Paul Muttini, Nico Ford, Tristan Jewel Abrams
Sinister 2 Writers: Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill
Sinister 2 Director: Ciaran Foy, Ciarán Foy
Production: Focus Features
Language: English
Country: USA, UK