Slumlord (2015) Movie Review

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2015 | Horror, Drama
87 minutes /

User Score: 64/100

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Slumlord Review


Claire and Ryan, a newlywed couple, move into a new house across the country, only to find out that...

Slumlord (2015) is an American drama horror movie that has a boring cover image but was surprisingly entertaining. The title and cover image did justice to the film because that is exactly what we receive while watching the movie - a crazy scary looking quiet older age man. The cover image, however, did not show that the crazed man also has a hidden camera that he uses to spy on people. First-time director and writer Victor Zarcoff did a fantastic job executing this movie at a terrific pace. I would love to see more movies from Victor, who shows that he has great potential from directing Slumlord.

Claire (Brianne Moncrief - All My Children (1970), The Other Guys (2010), How We Got Away with It (2014), Not Right Now (2015)) and her husband Ryan moved into their new home. Their landlord, Gerald is a person that people would prefer to stay away from because he is creepy in every way. Gerald always seems to have a crazed look in his eyes, blank stares, walks with a limp and he grunts most of the time instead of talking to people. I might also add that this crazed guy also bought hidden cameras before the couple moved in and installed the hidden cameras all over the apartment he rented to Clair and Ryan. Gerald even goes into the couple’s home when they are not home. Ryan (PJ McCabe) and Claire are having marital issues and hope that their new home will somehow help them mend their problems as they await their baby arrival. The couple does not know about the hidden cameras and Claire does not know that Ryan is having an affair with his assistant Hanna. Gerald (Neville Archambault - Violet & Daisy (2011), Solomon Grundy (2013), Looking for Maria Sanchez (2013), The Baby Doll Night (2008)) knows that Ryan is having an affair and decides to intervene. Things soon got messy, but Gerald did not stop caressing himself while spying on Claire’s naked body. The ending was unexpected, and there is twists and suspense throughout the entire movie.

I gave this movie a six because it was great in many ways, but it did not have enough meat and pizzazz for me to give it anything higher. Should horror fans rush out to see this movie? NO, because it is the type of movie that has been seen many times before so it is best to wait and see it on VOD or TV whenever available. The twists and suspense were done nicely, and I applaud new director Victor for doing a wonderful job. The actors all did a good job with their performances, and the set was good. The storyline is not new, and it did have enough twists to make it stand out from the rest of its kind. Overall, see this movie when you can but do not go out of your way to see it.

About Slumlord 2015

Title: Slumlord
Original Title: 13 Cameras
Year: 2015
Runtime: 87 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Drama
Score: 3 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.2/5 stars from 14 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 14
Starring: Jim Cummings, Michaela McManus, PJ McCabe, Sean Carrigan, Neville Archambault, Sarah Baldwin, Thomas Modifica Jr., Brianne Moncrief, Heidi Niedermeyer, Ethan Rosenberg, DeForrest Taylor, Gabriel Daniels, Baron, Andy Gould
Writers: Victor Zarcoff
Director: Victor Zarcoff