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2015 | Horror, Fantasy, Comedy
89 minutes /

User Score: 61/100

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Howl Review


When passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must band together in order to survive until morning.

Howl (2015) is a British indie monster movie that is 89 minutes long and was filmed in Black Park Country Park, Wexham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK, Croydon, London, England, UK and Waterloo Station, Waterloo, London, England, UK. Paul Hyett (The Descent (2005), Doomsday (2008), Unknown (2011), The Woman in Black (2012)) did a phenomenal job directing his team into making an entertaining thrilling watch. The actors did a fantastic job with their performance, but I wish the screenplay had a little more excitement to it as the movie was a little slow paced at times. I truly admire the special effects and makeup depart for the outstanding job they did. My favorite part about the movie was when the old lady transformed on the train.

Howl revolves around a few passengers stuck on an overnight passenger train on a full moon in the middle of the night in the Alpha Trax in London. The train met a disaster after an hour past departure when a deer ran in front of the train resulting in the train to do an emergency stop in an area with no mobile communication. Joe ( Ed Speleers - Eragon (2006), A Lonely Place to Die (2011), Plastic (2014), Love Bite (2012)) is the trains guard who tries to keep everyone calm on the train with Ellen (Holly Weston - John Carter (2012), Hollyoaks (1995), Filth and Wisdom (2008), Splintered (2010)) who handles the tea trolley. Joe tries to take handle on the situation, but the aggressive passengers demand him to get the train running and back on track/course. Ged (Duncan Preston - Emmerdale (1972), Surgical Spirit (1989), After Thomas (2006)) is an older age passenger that took the train many times. He remembers the exact same situation happening to the Great Thornton Forest Rail Crash in 1963 in the same spot. All of the passengers from the 1963 crash were found dead with their body parts dismembered and partially eaten. Train driver Tony ( Sean Pertwee - Equilibrium (2002), Dog Soldiers (2002), Event Horizon (1997), Soldier (1998)) decides to go outside and remove the deer’s body from the undercarriage, but he never returns. The passengers and crew soon realize that they are dealing with a contorted mutant humanoid creature that has legs like a wolf, glowing eyes and howls very loudly, a slightly different version of the classic werewolf. There is no way to call for help as the radio antennas are destroyed leaving the passengers and crew stranded with no way to call for help. The group tries to work together but will they survive the night?

I found myself rooting for one of the male characters to be eaten by the werewolves because he was becoming a nuisance to everyone, but he was also right about the old lady. I was hoping to see Joe and Ellen kissing at the end of the movie as it would have been nice for Joe to have his crush in his hand, but that is the total opposite of what happened. Overall Joe was a real hero and conquered his fear. The transformation scene should not be missed and the ending of the movie will surprise you. My husband loves this movie and would give it a seven but my opinion differs and I would only give it a six because of its creativity and because of how well it was made for an indie movie.

About Howl 2015

Title: Howl
Year: 2015
Runtime: 89 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Comedy
Score: 3 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.05/5 stars from 44 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 44
Starring: Sean Pertwee, Miroslav Zaruba, Phelim Kelly, Shauna Macdonald, Ed Speleers, Ania Marson, Robert Nairne, Ryan Oliva, Alister Albert, Elliot Cowan, Rosie Day, Brett Goldstein, Joel Phillimore, Mike McGowan, Driek Constantine, Calvin Dean, Aaron Sequerah, Venla Shalin, Amit Shah, Jack Hansford, Holly Weston, Malcolm Trussler, Ross Mullan, Sam Gittins, Duncan Preston
Writers: Mark Huckerby, Nick Ostler
Director: Paul Hyett