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Kristy (2014)

2014 | R | Horror, Thriller
86 minutes / 1h 26min

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Kristy Plot Synopsis:

College girl Justine works hard to support herself at Bryce College, where she studies. During Thanksgiving, her boyfriend Aaron goes home and Justine has plans to stay on campus with her roommate, Nicole. Out of the blue, Nicole's father invites her to Aspen, while Justine remains in the dorm. One night, Justine drives to a convenience store to buy supplies and meets Violet, who threatens her. Shaken, Justine returns to campus, where she soon finds herself being hunted down by Violet and three hoodlums from a cult. Justine has to fight to survive.

Kristy (2014) Review

Kristy (2014) is an American thriller horror movie that is also known as Random (2014) and was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch (2008), Wonderful World (1998), Vinyan (2008)) did an incredible job with the effective staging and claustrophobic sets along with filming the jump scare scenes and chase scenes displaying his talent. The movie did not contain much blood or suspense but did have a few good thrills and great special effects. The movie is a hit or miss, depending on your state of mind while watching the film.

Justine (Haley Bennett - The Equalizer (2014), Marley & Me (2008), Music and Lyrics (2007), The Hole (2009)) majors in poetry at Verse college and remains on campus alone after everyone leaves for Thanksgiving break. Justine’s boyfriend Aaron (Lucas Till - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Walk the Line (2005), Stoker (2013)) left college for Thanksgiving and thought Justine’s roommate Nicole would be with her. Nicole flew to Aspen leaving Justine to meet an unfortunate evening. The only other person on campus is Wayne (Mathew St. Patrick - Six Feet Under (2001), General Hospital (1963), War (2007), Alien Raiders (2008)) who is the security guard. There are a lot of things happening as the search for missing teenager Heather Price continues. Justine decides to borrow one of her friends (who is not there) BMW to make a quick drive to the convenience store. A person wearing a faded hoodie named Violet (Ashley Greene - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012), Twilight (2008), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011), The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)) intimidates Justine and later tries to run her off the road. Fast forward and we see Violet entering Justine’s room telling her that she has everything, and she see’s Wayne being murdered by a second person wearing as hoodie as she runs for help. The people wearing the hoodies are antagonists that are filming everything they are doing to Justine because she is a believer of God.

The actors did not give an outstanding performance, but it was a good performance that served the movie well. The film displays the scare scenes tremendously well-leading viewers to have a few jumps here and there. The movie was a great watch although it is a cliche to You’re Next (2011) because it was a mean thriller showing Kristy fighting to save her life making her into a fighting machine. We have seen everything that this movie offers but the movie had enough going on to make it stand out from the rest. I gave this movie a five because it had huge plot holes and minimal character development.

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  • Our Score: 5
  • Overall Score: 5.59
  • IMDB: 5.9

About Kristy 2014

Title: Kristy
Year: 2014
Runtime: 86 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.79/5 stars from 6,146 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 6,146
MPAA Rating: R
Kristy Cast Starring: David Jensen, John L. Armijo, Lucas Till, Ashley Greene, Jon Arthur, Wayne Pére, Wayne Pére, Edward J. Clare, Dane Rhodes, Haley Bennett, Sebastian James, Chris Coy, James Ransone, James Rawlings, Jaylen Moore, Chelsea Bruland, Corrina Roshea, Chelsea Gonzalez, Erica Ash, Al Vicente, Mike Seal, Anna Skidanova, Lucius Falick, Mathew St. Patrick, Antonio Jackson, Alexis Talley
Kristy Writers: NA
Kristy Director: Oliver Blackburn
Production: The Weinstein Company
Language: English
Country: USA