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2015 | Horror, Sci-Fi
84 minutes /

User Score: 57/100

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June Review


JUNE is a 9-year-old orphan girl who shares her body with an ancient supernatural being whose mission is to destroy mankind to allow nature to prevail on earth.

June (2015) is an American science fiction horror movie directed by L. Gustavo Cooper (The Devil Incarnate (2013), Velvet Road (2011), M Is for Music (2013)) who is also the co-writer and producer. Cooper did a good job steering the movie to flow in a straightforward way, but the script was just plain-out not interesting. Cooper, however, did an excellent job picking the cast for this film as everyone gave a believable performance but that was not enough from saving the movie. The film is 89 minutes long and was shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA - just a little info for those of you who are familiar with that area.

June starts by showing us a beautiful baby girl on a sacrificial altar with a group of adults around. A female leader cuts her hand and drops her blood onto the baby girl’s forehead as though she is doing a ritual to summons something. One of the adults attending the ceremony rescues the baby at the last minute. The movie skips forward to about nine years later where we see June living with a family that lives in a trailer in a trailer park that appears run down, and they do not seem pleasant. Her father always has a beer in his hand when seen, and her mother buys too small clothes that squeeze her body making her appear as a prostitute. June also has siblings who torture June as much as possible, and the parents could care less. I wish we had some references as to how in the world did June end up in the hands/care of this family. Mr. Victor Emmanuel (Eddie Jemison - Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Bruce Almighty (2003), Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), Behind the Candelabra (2013)) is June’s care worker, and he promises June that he will take her to somewhere better. Victor knows how dangerous it can get when June gets angry.

Two young boys decide to throw firecrackers at June while attending a BBQ party her family is having. June was playing with her dolls and ignored the firecrackers, so the young boys decided to snatch her doll away and speak horribly to her which trigger June’s temper to rise. June’s eyes turn black as she lets out a screeching scream while summoning a strong wind, the scream made everyone fall to the ground unconscious. Victor quickly found June a new family, Dave and Lily, who cannot have kids. June is happy living at her new home with new parents that shows her love but still does not speak much. She somehow enjoys drawing disturbing images of Lily and Dave. Watch the movie if you dare to find out what happens next and also if you enjoy watching an extremely slow paced movie.

June is extremely slow for my taste, and I found my mind/attention straying away from the screen numerous times because its painstakingly gut-wrenching slow pace. Also, the movie contains loose ends, unexplained events/questions and switches back and forth between different narratives. June (2015) appears as though it was trying to take things from Carrie (1976) and Firestarter (1984) without realizing that you cannot just combine things from different movies without blending them perfectly. The director failed with executing the plot line from the beginning through to the end of the film as well as the conclusion that did not make sense. June is not a horrible film, and it had potential, but it failed miserably at executing the movie to flow well with a plot in mind and not to stray away too far from the subject matter. June is the type of horror movie that you can watch in darkness without getting scared for it is not for hardcore horror fans.

About June 2015

Title: June
Year: 2015
Runtime: 84 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
Score: 1.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.8/5 stars from 23 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 23
Starring: Lance E. Nichols, Casper Van Dien, Kennedy Brice, D.J. Mills, Carsen Flowers, Aiden Flowers, John Teal Jr., Addy Miller, Victoria Pratt, LaQuita S-Kay, Eddie Jemison, Mark Mills, Cindy Hogan, Rachel Whitman Groves, Ronnie Hooks, Joshua Hidalgo, Theodora Greece, Matthew Slade, Kevin Will, Anderson Dalbom, Elizabeth Foley, Kelly Lind, Luis Costa Jr., Juliette Beavan, Arielle Stephens, Walter Colson, Jordyn A. Davis, Zach Tinker, Walter J. Colson, Chad Graham
Writers: Sharon Y. Cobb, L. Gustavo Cooper
Director: L. Gustavo Cooper