Darr @ the Mall (2014) Movie Review

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2014 | Horror, Thriller
124 minutes /

User Score: 55/100

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Darr @ the Mall Review


During the inaugural party of one of the largest malls in Asia, a newly recruited security guard must work to stop a supernatural threat.

Darr @ the Mall (2014) is an Indian Hindi thriller horror movie that was 124 minutes long. New director Pawan Kripalani (Ragini MMS (2011)) who also wrote the dialogue and screenplay did an average job executing this film. The movie contains intense scenes that will reel you in, scares, a sad storyline, suspense, scares, sexual content, violence, ghost, supernatural, orphanage, a nun, and revenge. The special effects was a fail, and it made it look as though the movie did not have a huge budget and to make it worse, the death scenes were mostly offscreen. I will put Pawan Kripalani on my list of new directors to look out for because he has potential of directing A+ movies. The ending of the movie was hard for me to watch because of how sad it was, especially the fire scene at the orphanage.

Darr @ the Mall revolves around Asia’s largest mall opening; many people view the mall as a haunted place since many of the construction workers and mall staff had recently died. Vishnu (Jimmy Shergill - A Wednesday (2008), My Name Is Khan (2010), Special 26 (2013), Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003)) mysteriously got the job as chief security officer, and he has to work on the eve of the inaugural party. Mr. Manchanda (Arif Zakaria - My Name Is Khan (2010), Lootera (2013), Earth (1998), Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003)) is the owner of the mall. Mr. Manchanda is at the inaugural party with his associate Mr. Khan, Mr. Khan’s children, and a few other friends. Vishnu began to uncover clues as to who the ghost that is haunting the teenagers and investors at the party is. I knew something was going to happen as all of the guests are leaving and the above individuals stay behind.

They (six of them) all found themselves locked inside the building as the ghost began taunting and killing them one by one. Vishnu discovered that the mall was built on the grounds that used to be an orphanage that burned to the ground about two decades ago. We discover that Vishnu was one of the orphans living in the orphanage with the nun and other children. What happened next made my hand hair raise although I know that the movie is not real. Mr. Manchanda and Mr. Khan wanted to buy the orphanage, but the nun refused to sell, so the two men decided to set the orphanage on fire leading it to burn down. Vishnu escaped the fire but got injured during his escape leading him to lose his memory and, therefore, being renamed to Vishnu instead of his childhood name, Arjun. The nun and dead children kill those responsible for their home being burnt down mostly. They kill all the workers that helped set their home/orphanage on fire, and they also kill anyone who has a bloodline to the killers that enter the mall. Will Mr. Manchanda and the other five people make it out of the mall alive?

I enjoyed this movie for what it has to offer, and that is why I gave it a five because it took a risk and succeeded. I love Indian movies and love this movie because it displays a screenplay/storyline that I have not seen yet in the American movie industry where a mall is built on the site of a burnt down orphanage that will haunt them.

About Darr @ the Mall 2014

Title: Darr @ the Mall
Year: 2014
Runtime: 124 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.7/5 stars from 11 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 11
Starring: Vishal Jehtwa, Anadya Sharma, Arif Zakaria, Danish Akhtar, Jimmy Shergill, Nushrat Bharucha, Vikram Raj Bhardwaj, Geet Sharma, Asif Basra, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Shradha Kaul, Pramod Pathak, Yoshika Verma, Neeraj Khetrapal, Neeraj Sood, Charlotte Desmond, Rahul Mishra
Writers: Agrim Joshi, Pawan Kripalani, Vinod Rawat, Abhimanyu Singh
Director: Pawan Kripalani