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Asmodexia (2014)

2014 | R | Horror
81 minutes / 1h 21min

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Asmodexia Plot Synopsis:

Roaming Spain's rugged countryside, a pair of travelling exorcists--the grizzled preacher, Eloy de Palma, and his gifted young granddaughter, Alba--attempt to free the immortal souls of the unfortunate ones who are grievously afflicted by the mark of the demonic Evil One. Under those circumstances and with only a few days away before the cryptic "Resurrection" takes place, Eloy and Alba find themselves embarking on a desperate and frenzied exorcism spree, as more and more people become possessed by the evil entity. But, can they make it in time?

Asmodexia (2014) Review


Asmodexia (2014) is a Spain horror film that is 81 minutes long and was shot in Barcelona, Catalonia. Director and co-writer Marc Carrete (Castidermia (2012), Mal cuerpo (2011), Framed (2016)) did a fabulous job capturing a breathtaking landscape while filming this movie. The plot appears to be straying in the wrong directions at times where it seems that the director is stuck and not sure what direction to take. Cinematographer Xavi Garriga gave us a beautifully muted tapestry and were applauded greatly for adding his unique touches to this film. The script that is co-written by Mike Hostench (Beneath Still Waters (2005), 11-11-11 (2011), Baskin (2015)) appears to be struggling to fulfill its entire 80-minute runtime. The ending was a total shocker that was not predictable and might surprise many viewers. The makeup job was decent, and a few scenes will chill your bones.

Asmodexia revolves around Eloy de Palma (Lluis Marco) who once presided over a group of faithful worshipers. Eloy is now seen traveling with his granddaughter, Alba (Claudia Pons - Elisa K (2010), Desclassificats (2013), Castidermia (2012)) around Barcelona, Spain. Eloy is trying to rid various helpless souls of Satanic evil that might have overcome them. Eloy believes that the Devil had a hand over the evil doing of the humans because they have not prayed enough to God. Eloy helped a few people, but he relies a great deal on his granddaughter’s help because she has a special gift. The movie progresses to what appears as though people being demon possessed is part of a virus because people are affected within several miles in the area. Eloy started to use things that he did not want to use because he will do anything to prevent the virus/possession from going any further.

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  • Overall Score: 4.81
  • IMDB: 4.7

About Asmodexia 2014

Title: Asmodexia
Year: 2014
Runtime: 81 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.4/5 stars from 1,075 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 1,075
MPAA Rating: R
Asmodexia Cast Starring: Irene Montalà, Irene Montalà, Clàudia Pons, Albert Baró, José García Ruiz, Marta Belmonte, Pepo Blasco, Albert Baró, Roser Bundó, Roser Bundó, Ramon Canals, Marina Durán, Marina Durán, Lluís Marco, Lina Gorbaneva, Patrícia Mendoza, Lluís Marco, Sílvia Sabaté, Maurice Nash, Clàudia Pons, Mireia Ros, José García Ruiz, Sílvia Sabaté, Mar Serra, Patrícia Mendoza
Asmodexia Writers: Marc Carreté
Asmodexia Director: Marc Carreté, Marc Carreté
Production: PMK-BMC
Language: Spanish
Country: Spain