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2016 | R | Horror, Drama, Comedy, Romance
91 minutes /

User Score: 47/100

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Trash Fire Review


When Owen is forced to confront the past he's been running from his whole adult life, he and his girlfriend, Isabel, become entangled in a horrifying web of lies, deceit and murder.

Trash Fire (2016) is an American low-budget romance comedy horror movie that was filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA. Director and writer Richard Bates Jr. (Excision (2012), Excision (2008), Suburban Gothic (2014)) did an average job executing this story that delves into a darkly dysfunctional family with secrets. This film was by far from the type of dialogue that I typically enjoyed as it comes in the form of insults, negativity, and offensive lashing out - dislike. The movie was loaded with dark humor, language that might offend religious viewers and suspense. I gave the movie a five because it had its high and lows with thrills here and there but nothing to get too excited over. The movie had good premises, and I was touched to see how the main character became to be the person that he was in the film. The characters could have done a better job with their roles because their performances were not believable at times. The movie was beautiful, but there was plot holes, goofs, not so good acting, and a pace that gave me a lack of desire to continue seeing the entire movie.

We see Owen (Adrian Grenier - Entourage (2004), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Entourage (2015), Drive Me Crazy (1999)) confiding in his shrink. Owen told his (Sally Kirkland - JFK (1991), Bruce Almighty (2003), Valley of the Dolls (1994), The Sting (1973)) that he has been wanting to commit suicide for years but never seemed to have the courage. Owen’s girlfriend Isabel ( Angela Trimbur - The Final Girls (2015), The Kings of Summer (2013), The Future (2011), Halloween II (2009)) breaks up with Owen over dinner because she could not tolerate the things he does anymore. It did not take long for Isabel to take him back after he had one of his seizures that same night and collapses outside their apartment. Skip forward, Isabel finds out that she is pregnant, and Owen could not have been more of a jerk bag then he was to her when he rudely told her to get an abortion. It did not end there as they decided to have the baby and start a family with Isabel laying down a few rules first. They have been dating for a very long time, and one of her rules is that she wants to meet Owen’s sister and grandmother. Owen only has two family members left, and that is his sister and grandmother who he has not spoken to in years.

Isabel and Owen make the long trip to see his grandmother Violet ( Fionnula Flanagan - The Others (2001), Yes Man (2008), Four Brothers (2005), The Invention of Lying (2009)) who is as blunt as a person can get. She keeps Owen’s sister Pearl ( AnnaLynne McCord - 90210 (2008), American Heiress (2007), Excision (2012), Transporter 2 (2005)) locked in her bedroom. The tables turn as Isabel pleads with Owen to leave and Owen instead wants to stay a while longer until she makes peace with Pearl. I was laughing when I saw that Pearl is interested in Isabel. I felt sorry for Owen, who is messed up because of a horrific childhood tragedy that his grandmother is concealing, crucial information that might help Owen come to peace with his parents death and sister’s disfigurement. Owen blames himself for his parents death and Pearl’s disfigurement to the point where he lashes out at everyone, especially his girlfriend, Angela of three years.

About Trash Fire 2016

Title: Trash Fire
Year: 2016
Runtime: 91 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Drama, Comedy, Romance
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.35/5 stars from 68 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 68
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Ezra Buzzington, Angela Trimbur, Leonel Claude, Michael Laren, Fionnula Flanagan, AnnaLynne McCord, Shane Brady, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Matthew Gray Gubler, Clayton Jackson, Adrian Grenier, Sibyl Gregory, Molly McCook, James D. Lynch, Alexa Hamilton, William Shaeffer, Karl Schott, Mish Way, Alex Frew, Adelynn Elizabeth O'Brien, Ray Santiago, Adalayde Elizabeth O'Brien, Sally Kirkland, Greg Dehm, Aralisha Hiengevinch, Brayden Austin, Ruby Lightfoot, Devin Herbers, Daniel O'Sullivan, Howie H. Howdink
Writers: Richard Bates Jr.
Director: Richard Bates Jr.