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Backtrack (2014)

2014 | R | Horror, Thriller
97 minutes / 1h 37min

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Backtrack Plot Synopsis:

Ralph is a 26 year-old regional journalist who's been having recurring nightmares in German. To help him understand his troubling dreams, his friend Claudia, a 22 year-old hippie, uses her undeveloped psychic powers to give him a profound past-life regression, which floods his mind with memories of being a N*zi commando on a mission on the South Downs in 1940. When his visions of that past existence begin to take shape in his current reality, Ralph starts to investigate. In the hope of piecing together his previous life, he goes on a camping trip to the locations he saw in his regression. He is accompanied by Claudia and their respective partners, Andrea and Lucas, who are much more interested in each other than reincarnation. What none of them realise is that the past Ralph is trying to find is now stalking them, and plans to exact a terrible revenge on all four campers for crimes committed nearly seventy years ago. Backtrack is an intelligent and exciting psychological horror film that explores the dark side of karma. What sins did we commit in our past lives and will we pay for them in this one?

Backtrack (2014) Review

Backtrack (2014) is a UK / Ireland horror thriller movie that is also known as Nazi Vengeance (2014). Tom Sands failed at executing his first full-length movie that he filmed in Duncannon Fort, Co.Wexford, Ireland, Jevington, East Sussex, England, UK and Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK. This movie contains adult content, nudity, suspense, violence, visions, loose/thin plot line, scattered storyline, and Nazi’s. I knew this movie was going to be a fail from the beginning, but I hung in there hoping for a few good scenes and for the inconsistencies to stop. I did not enjoy the screenplay/storyline, the multiple scenes and the overall finish on the movie. I gave Backtrack a four because there was a little amount of suspense and it did an excellent job switching between scenes - it appeared smooth and seamless. The actors did not help this movie with their unsatisfactory performance, and I think that is because of the small budget this film had. It is a film that you either love or dislike and it is not a movie that I like and would not recommend it to anyone.

Backtrack revolves around the concept of what we were in a previous life? Most people I know think that they were an animal or something around that category. 26-year-old Ralph (Mark Drake - Love & Other Chairs (2014), Wasteland (2013), Night Bus (2014)) is a regional journalist who has been having trouble sleeping at night. Sleeping at night is not getting easier because he dreams of being a N*zi in his previous life. He even has visions in the daytime about his past and is determined to do something about it because it is very disturbing for him to deal with. One of his visions includes him prosecuting people in a small village. Ralph’s 22-year-old friend Claudia (Rosie Akerman) gives him bad advice and one of those is to visit the village from his vision. Claudia is kind of like a psychic and gives Ralph a glimpse of his past life as a N*zi commando in South Downs in the 1940s. The duo and their partners set out to decipher Ralph’s visions in the small town and soon meet with a bad guy that only wants trouble.

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  • Our Score: 4
  • Overall Score: 3.74
  • IMDB: 3.6

About Backtrack 2014

Title: Backtrack
Year: 2014
Runtime: 97 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.87/5 stars from 667 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 667
MPAA Rating: R
Backtrack Cast Starring: Julian Glover, René Zimmermann, David Lloyd, Mark Drake, Sophie Barker, Rosie Akerman, Miles Jovian, Callie Moore, Jon Bartlett, Alexi Parkin, Mia E.M. Chamberlain, Jj Borrett, Jesse Kidd Moore, Mick Smith, Stephen Carr, René Zimmermann, Ava Gold
Backtrack Writers: Mick Sands
Backtrack Director: Tom Sands
Language: English
Country: UK, Ireland