The Girl in the Photographs (2015) Movie Review

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The Girl in the Photographs (2015)

2015 | R | Horror, Thriller, Crime
95 minutes / 1h 35min

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The Girl in the Photographs Plot Synopsis:

A bored young woman in a sleepy community called Spearfish starts receiving photographs of brutally murdered young women. Are they real or staged? The culprit is either a serial killer or some creep with a sick sense of humour.

The Girl in the Photographs (2015) Review

The Girl in the Photographs (2015) is an American/Canadian thriller horror-crime movie that was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Director and writer Nick Simon (The Pyramid (2014), Removal (2010), Cold Comes the Night (2013)) did average job directing his second full-length movie. Executive producer Wes Craven (Scream (1996), A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987), New Nightmare (1994), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)) creepy touch was seen throughout the movie. The Girl in the Photographs was the last film Wes Craven had done before he died in August (2015) from brain cancer.

The Girl in the Photographs revolves around Collen (Claudia Lee - Kick-Ass 2 (2013), Hart of Dixie (2011), The Circus Girl (2010)) who resides in Spearfish community and mysteriously started to receive photographs of young women that were brutally murdered. The movie begins by introducing us to Britney (Christy Carlson Romano) and Janet going in different directions after leaving a movie theater. Janet (Katharine Isabelle - Ginger Snaps (2000), American Mary (2012), Insomnia (2002), Freddy vs. Jason (2003)) went to her car in a lonely parking lot where there was only one other vehicle there. Janet proceeded to make her way home although she was being followed by the car that was in the same parking. She enters her home to find a man already there wearing a mask and has on no shirt. He, of course, attacks her, ties her up and meets with another man while taking pictures of her which were printed out after.

Colleen works at a local grocery store and sees the photos of brutally murdered Janet laying in her bed with blood everywhere stapled to the bulletin board in the front of the store. Colleen decided to take the photo to the Sheriff’s Station and told them that the picture is labeled number seven at the bottom, but they did not believe her and told her to sign a statement and leave. The movie skips to Peter Hemmings (Kal Penn - Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008), Superman Returns (2006), Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004), Epic Movie (2007)) in L.A. who is a photographer that once lived in Spearfish. Peter read a blog about the photographs and thinks that the person behind the photographs is needed to create the "Dead Model" look. Peter, his assistant Chris, his girlfriend Rose and two models traveled to Spearfish.

The movie became interesting after Peter invites Collen to a party he is having, and Collen invites her friend Jill to meet her there. Colleen did not know that Jill has been kidnapped and her night is about to change as it is the kidnappers who are answering her texts and not Jill. The movie had no shortage of a playful sense of humor, amusing gore, creepiness, action, and gut-wrenching deaths. With all said, I gave this movie a four because it was not my cup of tea and had the potential of being something way better but fell short on the execution of the director because there was minor suspense but no tension. The Girl in the Photographs is a good movie to watch if you want a mindless comedy relief but if you are looking for more, then it will be best to leave this movie alone.

  • The Girl in the Photographs Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 4
  • Overall Score: 3.39
  • IMDB: 4.5
  • MetaCritic: 3.2
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 1.5

About The Girl in the Photographs 2015

Title: The Girl in the Photographs
Year: 2015
Runtime: 95 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Crime
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.7/5 stars from 3,099 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 3,099
MPAA Rating: R
The Girl in the Photographs Cast Starring: Katharine Isabelle, Mitch Pileggi, Toby Hemingway, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Christy Carlson Romano, Luke Baines, Toby Levins, Nathanael Quigley, Kal Penn, Dominique Charlebois, Claudia Lee, Kenny Wormald, Eva Bourne, Miranda Rae Mayo, Autumn Kendrick, Oliver Seitz, Corey Schmitt, Aisling Goodman
The Girl in the Photographs Writers: Oz Perkins, Robert Morast, Nick Simon
The Girl in the Photographs Director: Nick Simon
Production: Al-Ghanim Entertainment
Language: English
Country: USA, Canada