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Mexico Barbaro (2014)

2014 | R | Horror
114 minutes / 1h 54min

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Mexico Barbaro Plot Synopsis:

Eight Mexican directors unite to bring tales of the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends to vividly shocking life. MEXICO BARBARO presents haunting stories that have been woven into the fabric of a nation's culture, some passed down through the centuries and some new, but all equally frightening. Stories of boogeymen, trolls, ghosts, monsters, Aztec sacrifices, and of course the Day of the Dead all come together in urban and rural settings to create an anthology that is as original as it is familiar and as important as it is horrifying.

Mexico Barbaro (2014) Review

Mexico Barbaro (2014) is a Spanish horror anthology that is also known as Barbarous Mexico (2014) and is comprised of 8 disturbing segments directed by eight directors from Mexico. The eight segments are all separated from each other and are not connected in any way so I will give a brief description of each below. I cannot get over how beautiful the cover art is. I would not recommend viewers under the age of 18 to see this film because it contains explicit full on male and female nudity, horrifying rape that was savage, demon orally raping victim, graphic sexual content, extreme graphic violence, and a child being the victim of cannibalism. The anthology was very hard for me to watch without looking away too many times. With all said, I am amazed at how far anthology films had come because I remember when anthology films were one of the worst things to watch but now there is hope (Trick ‘r Treat) of it being something great.

Segment 1 - Tzompantli

Written, produced and directed by Laurette Flores Bornn (Bautizo (2012 - short))

Tzompantli revolves around innocent people vanishing or going missing with no clues left behind. There are rumors, however, spreading about where those missing victims might be. A man turned out to be the brave soldier who did not mind if he ends up being killed for informing a detective of where the missing people are being held. The man told the detective a frightening story that will scare most and what the detective saw in a garage was mind boggling disturbing. Tzompantli is no doubt a creepy story that has a twist that most will not be able to predict. I did not know that Tzompantli has a meaning, and I encourage all fans who watch this short to google what Tzompantli means after watching the short. You might ruin your experience if you find out the meaning of Tzompantli before watching the segment.

Segment 2 - Jaral de Berrios

Directed and co-written by Edgar Nito (Masacre en San Jose (2015), Y volvere… (2010))

Jaral de Berrios is by far my favorite segment which is about two thieves/bandits finding shelter in an abandoned deserted old mansion after one of them gets severely injured and has no choice but enter the mansion/building. The injured thief regretted entering the abandoned building because he claims that it is cursed, and it does not help that his fellow friends do not believe him. It did not take long for us to see this supernatural/ghost segment come to life as they encounter dangerous situations that end brutally. This segment contains graphic sexual images, haunting eerie visuals, and thrills that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Segment 3 - Drena

Directed and written by Aaron Soto (Hueso (Short) (2005), 33 1/2 (Short) (2004), 2001 Before the Cradle (Short)( 2001), Omega Shell (Short) ( 2001))

Drena treated us with a little comedy relief with some offensive material as well as goofiness after the first two segments were dark and had a lot of tension. Drena revolves around finding a dead body with a cigarette/joint in its fingers while lying in a ditch. The girls did something gross, and that is her taking the corpse joint to smoke later at home. We all know nothing comes out good from that and shortly while smoking the joint, a little creature comes out of her wall and demands her to give it her sister’s menstrual blood. This little creature is crazy and tells her that if he does not get the blood in 12 hours, then it will take/suck her soul through/out of her anus - yay - some pretty nasty thing and that is not even the most unpleasant part of the segment. Watch and enjoy.

Segment 4 - La Cosa mas Preciada (The Most Precious Thing)

Written and directed by Isaac Ezban (The Incident (2014), The Similars (2015), Cosas feas (2010), Subway to Hell (2007) )

La Cosa mas Preciada revolves around a young couple who rented a cabin for one night so that they can be sexually intimate for the first time. We all can guess what happens. Next, an old man who keeps/works on the grounds warns them that they should not be there in the cabin. The old man was persistent in his words when he told them that they should not be there in the cabin when it gets dark and they should leave as soon as possible but will they heed his warning. They brush off the old man and think he is crazy after he tells them not to leave anything outside or “they” will steal it. The couple quickly regrets not listening to the old man as they encounter nasty deadly situations such as the girl being gang raped by chupacabras. It was not an easy segment to watch with an underlying message of the girl got she deserves for lying to her parent about where she will be that night.

Segment 5 - Lo que importa es lo de adentro

Director, writer and executive producer Lex Ortega (Atrocious (2012), Atrocious (2015))

Lo Que Importa es lo de Adentro revolves a mother and her two children getting ready in the morning while the little girl repeats “boogey” over and over again while pointing at a man standing outside of their home. The mother thinks of her son as a little boy who cannot do any wrong while she thinks different of her daughter. The mysterious man who is really a homeless killer makes faces at the little girl while being nice to the mother and brother while they walk past him. Things get strange soon after the little boy does not return home from playing outside, and it is not a nice outcome but a nasty gut wrenching one that will make your skin crawl. I have to say it; the old man is a killer that kills children so that he can take their organs for medical scientists. Watching the graphic dissection of a young child was painful.

Segment 6 - Munecas

Writer and director Jorge Michel Grau (We Are What We Are (2010), The ABCs of Death (2012), We Are What We Are (2013))

Munecas revolves around a woman who is assumed to escape from a deadly situation and is in hiding from whoever is after her. We see that she was beaten because her body is bloody and she is apparently tired. The scared but brave female will do anything to save her life, and that includes brutally fighting a man twice her size. I was in total disbelief after seeing the twist and seeing what she was actually running from.Segment 7 - Siete

Segment 7 - Siete veces siete

Directed by Ulises Guzman (Corazones de terciopelo (1992)) does not have much experience in the directing field and he gave us the best segment.

Siete veces siete is one crazy adventure that keeps getting crazier even if you think it impossible, just watch and see what I am talking about. The segments start with a guy stealing a corpse from a morgue and loading it onto his truck. As if stealing a corpse is not bad enough, he took it to a secluded pond with no one around for several miles. This segment contains all of the crazy things including naked females with spider legs, a burning man on a horse, a reanimated corpse and other bizarre things. I was not too crazy with all of the flashbacks and present day action. This segment was no doubt the most intense, tension filled, brutal and mind boggling surreal revenge story.

Segment 8 - Dia de los Muertos

Director and writer Gigi Saul Guerrero (Dead Crossing (2011), El Gigante (2014), Madre De Dios (2015))

Dia de los Muertos was narrated by a female who tells us that she learned from her mother of how to be strong amongst others and things. It did not take long to see that the females are working as dancers at a nightclub. The females did something different on this particular night, and that is they added face paint and decoration relating to The Day of the Dead. The females are treated like trash by the males although they try their best to be as nice as they can to the men who are their clients. Will the females accept what the males are doing to them or will they rebel?

Mexico Barbaro succeeds in many areas, and one is giving its audience a variety of segments that are all different so we are not bored of seeing the same story, and it does not get confusing. There was extreme gore, extreme violence and is a real horror anthology with gut-wrenching situations throughout the film. Most films would not cross a certain line, but the directors in this anthology crossed that line and did not look back or so it appears. Who would think of peeing on open flames?

  • Mexico Barbaro Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 7
  • Overall Score: 5.93
  • IMDB: 4.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 6.0

About Mexico Barbaro 2014

Title: Mexico Barbaro
AKA: México Bárbaro
Year: 2014
Runtime: 114 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Reviewer: Score: 3.5 / 5 stars Avg. Rating: 2.96/5 stars from 633 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 633 MPAA Rating: R
Mexico Barbaro Cast Starring: Dave Walden, David Santana, Harold Torres, Barbara Perrin Rivemar, Mirko Poblete, German Gabarrot, Florencia Ríos, Olena Medwid, Antonio Garcia, Gary Starkell, Kirsty Peters, Tulio Gomez De Alba, Lionel Strasky, Mathias Retamal, Adrián Aguirre, Joel Gomez, Agustín Tapia, Adelita Rockhill, Leslie Arce, Breann Grainger, William Valenzuela, Gabriel Carter, Leif Bridgman, Jose Luis Guevara, Guillermo Villegas, Dulce Alexa, Ana Castro, Emiliano Hernandez, Marco Zapata, Sara Camacho
Mexico Barbaro Writers: Isaac Ezban, Laurette Flores Bornn, Jorge Michel Grau
Mexico Barbaro Director: Jorge Michel Grau, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Isaac Ezban, Laurette Flores Bornn, Ulises Guzman, Edgar Nito, Lex Ortega, Aaron Soto
Production: Luchagore Productions
Language: Spanish