Fender Bender (2016) Movie Review

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2016 | Horror, Thriller
91 minutes /

User Score: 60/100

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Fender Bender Review


In a small New Mexico town, a 17-year-old high school girl who just got her driver's license gets into her first fender bender...

Fender Bender (2016) is an American horror thriller film that was shot in New Mexico, USA and has incredible killing scenes. Director and writer Mark Pavia (The Night Flier (1997), Drag (1993), Sick Nick) did a marvelous job executing this film that had a storyline that was well conceived and did not stray from what it was set out to do. Pavia did a good job keeping things simple in the film and did not wonder in many directions as other horror films have done and failed, but that does not mean that there are not a few speed bumps in the movie. Pavia made a good return which appears as though he has been away from the camera since 1997 by keeping his movie straightforward, not over-explaining things and did not create rambling dialogues. The film contains gore, serious scares, tension, suspense, violence, no twists, and a serial killer that wears a B&M costume. Fender Bender is a home invasion slasher that did a phenomenal job building up the tension and did not waste any time in revealing the killer.

Fender Bender is set in a small town in New Mexico where Hilary, who is 17-years-old high who just got her license and got into her first fender bender resulting in her encountering an unsuspected serial killer. Hilary ( Makenzie Vega - The Good Wife (2009), Saw (2004), Sin City (2005), The Family Man (2000)) probably has the worst day of her life when she met The Driver. It all started when Hilary snuck out of her house to meet her boyfriend, Andy (Harrison Sim - The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada (2010), After the Fall (2014), The Chile Film (La Sangre Rojo y Verde de Nuevo Mexico) (2012), Powder Pigs (2012)) who caught him cheating on her, confirming her suspicions. Hilary was no doubt emotional and heads home with her parent’s new car when she was rear-ended at an intersection. She exchanged information with the other The Driver/Driver ( Bill Sage - American Psycho (2000), Precious (2009), Mysterious Skin (2004), Boiler Room (2000)) who appears to be in his 50’s. Bill remarked to Hilary that she is a virgin while rubbing her shoulder which crept the heck out of her but then he added an accident virgin of course. Hilary shrugs it off by laughs and saying that she should get a cake to celebrate and shortly parted ways.

Hilary’s parents were, of course, angry with her and punished her by making her stay home for the weekend alone while they go on their planned trip, and Hilary will also have to deal with the insurance company. Hilary’s parents overreacted and were too hard on her for the accident because she did what she was supposed to do and got the proper information from the other party involved in the crash. Her parents punished her by not letting her see a show which we were not told the name of and that she would do anything to go to because she has been looking forward to it all year. Hilary also has to get everything taken care of with the insurance company, mind you, she is only 17-years old. Look forward to seeing a whole lot of text messages in this film because well it is a modern movie where almost everyone uses texts - the scene where Hilary was laying in bed texting is the longest texting scene. Her laying in bed texting was annoying and could have been a little less boring if she was moving around the house. Hilary’s friends showed up to cheer her up, but they get a few real surprises of their own from an uninvited guest resulting in carnage.

The makeup department did a fantastic job, and I could not get over how incredible the killer’s costume was scary but cool at the same time. There was no mystery to who the killer was because he was introduced to us but the real suspense comes while we wait for him to do what he does best. Killer Bill Sage, who plays a driver/Driver, appears weird but somehow makes me feel like he has charisma and switches to his mean psychotic side when he is ready to kill. Bill Sage did wonders for this movie with his excellent performance which does not make this film into your ordinary slasher movie but something fantastic that you can see more than once. Bill’s costume was fitting for his character wearing a faceless mask with metallic embellishments over his mouth.

There were a few times when I questioned why the characters did certain things including when Hilary found a cake on top of her car and did not think of it was weird/mysterious. I would not accept a cake that was left on my car and did not know who put it there. I would have been very skeptical and suspicious. Almost all horror movies have characters that make the wrong choice, and I am beginning to think it might be a trademark or something.

I gave Fender Bender an eight because it does a terrific job keeping us on our toes, pins and needles, throughout the film as we wait for him to strike. Scream Factory can keep making movies if all of their films will be as good as Fender Bender. Fender Bender will most likely leave everyone with various thoughts after watching the movie including how they interact or will communicate with drivers on the road.

About Fender Bender 2016

Title: Fender Bender
Year: 2016
Runtime: 91 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Score: 4 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 10 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 10
Starring: Bill Sage, Makenzie Vega, Cassidy Freeman, Kelsey Leos Montoya, Dre Davis, Steven Michael Quezada, Lora Martinez-Cunningham, Gus Krieger, Harrison Sim, Joshua Bunting, Hilary Guler, Summer Cassidy Raine
Writers: Mark Pavia
Director: Mark Pavia