My Soul to Take (2010) Movie Review

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2010 | R | Horror, Thriller, Mystery
107 minutes /

User Score: 60/100

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My Soul to Take Review


A serial killer returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest.

My Soul to Take (2010) is a 1h 47-min American supernatural horror mystery film that was shot in Danbury, Connecticut, USA; New Milford, Connecticut, USA and Tolland, Connecticut, USA. Director and writer Wes Craven (Scream (1996), A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987), New Nightmare (1994), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984),) failed miserably at executing this awful film. I am not sure what Wes was thinking about while writing this boring dreadful script that is a cliche to a lot of horror movies out there except for the 3D part which I am not sure why 3D was needed. The film contains sexual jokes/reference, extreme violence, gore, bad language, no suspense, no thrills and no tension.

My Soul to Take revolves around a serial killer who returned to the town where he supposedly drowned 16 years ago so that he can kill seven children that were born on the day he died. One of the seven kids is Bug (Max Thieriot - Jumper (2008), House at the End of the Street (2012), Bates Motel (2013-2017), Chloe (2009)) who was born on the evening that the Riverton Ripper supposedly died. The Riverton Ripper carves his work with a particular type of knife. The kids are at a sixteen birthday party when they start dying one by one, and they are not sure who the killer is until it was a little too late.

Pros (average and above) from the movie: Cinematography, music, ending credits and the actors giving us decent performances from the terrible script they had to work with. Negatives: screenplay/script, directing, special effects, 3D, sets and no camera angles. I would not recommend anyone to see this movie even if it was showing on TV and you had nothing else to do because the news is, even more, entertaining than this film.

About My Soul to Take 2010

Title: My Soul to Take
Original Title: 25/8, Bug, My Soul to Take 3D, Untitled Wes Craven Project
Year: 2010
Runtime: 107 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Score: 1 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 10 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 10
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Frank Grillo, Lynnanne Zager, Terri Douglas, Sean Leser, Robert Clotworthy, Matthew Berke, Cristian Nicolae, Eric Zuckerman, John Magaro, Trevor St. John, Lou Sumrall, Max Thieriot, Melody Garcia, Harris Yulin, Denzel Whitaker, Jessica Hecht, Felix Solis, Richard Rutkowski, Hannah Hodson, Nicole Patrick, Zena Grey, Amber Efé, Nick Lashaway, Christopher Place, Paulina Olszynski, Enrique Chicas, Jeremy Chu, Michael Bell, Emily Meade, Beth Marie Jansen
Writers: Wes Craven
Director: Wes Craven