I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) Movie Review

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I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)

2016 | R | Horror, Thriller, Drama
104 minutes / 1h 44min

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I Am Not a Serial Killer Plot Synopsis:

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I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) Review

I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) is a 1h 44-min Irish supernatural thriller film that was based on the first book in Dan WellsYA series. Director Billy O’Brien (Isolation (2005), The Tale of the Rat That Wrote (1999), The Hybrid (2014)) did a phenomenal job executing this extraordinary movie where it is easy to see the director’s passion. The slasher movie contains gore which was seen more in the mortuary scenes than the kill scenes. The film was shot in Virginia, Minnesota, USA; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Hibbing, Minnesota, USA; St. Paul, Minnesota, USA and Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA

I Am Not a Serial Killer takes place in a small Midwestern town where a troubled homicidal teenager hunts down a supernatural killer while trying to keep his inner demons subdued. The films progress to being a murder mystery where the killer was discovered way too soon which was half way through the movie. John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records - Where the Wild Things Are (2009), The Sitter (2011), The Brothers Bloom (2008), BlinkyTM (2011)) lives above the mortuary his family owns and was diagnosed as a sociopath.

John is afraid of becoming a serial killer because of the violent thoughts he has which made him to living by a set of rules which he hopes will help him from acting on his urges. John is curious and took it upon himself to find the serial killers that are rampaging through his town killing people. He also wants to know why the serial killer is harming people and did not like the answers he finds along his quest. Time is against him as he tries to locate the killer before the killer comes close to him or his family.

Our main character is intrigued by/with serial killers, was diagnosed by his doctor as a sociopath and everything about him points to him becoming a serial killer. Is he the serial killer? The movie overall was a fascinating film with a beautiful storyline, special effects, sets, sceneries, good sound and excellent editing. I encourage all serial killer fans to see I am Not a Serial Killer as soon as possible.

  • I Am Not a Serial Killer Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 8
  • Overall Score: 7.31
  • IMDB: 6.2
  • MetaCritic: 5.4
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 9.2

About I Am Not a Serial Killer 2016

Title: I Am Not a Serial Killer
Year: 2016
Runtime: 104 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Score: 4 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.65/5 stars from 11,453 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 11,453
MPAA Rating: R
I Am Not a Serial Killer Cast Starring: Christopher Lloyd, Joel Thingvall, Bruce Bohne, Karl Geary, Tommy O'Brien, Tony Papenfuss, Emmylou Barden, Jennifer Blagen, Lucy Lawton, Taylor Griffin, Dee Noah, Raymond Brandstrom, Alan Holasek, Vincent Risso, Sally-Anne Hunt, Anna Sundberg, Ryan J. Gilmer, Patricia Enger, Jennifer Brandstrom, Michael Paul Levin, Joshua Carson, Laura Fraser, James Gaulke, Ben Curry, Max Records, Sydney Reisner, Amber Patton, Matt Roy, Dane Stauffer, Paul Economon
I Am Not a Serial Killer Writers: Billy O'Brien, Christopher Hyde, Dan Wells
I Am Not a Serial Killer Director: Billy O'Brien
Production: Floodland Pictures
Language: English
Country: Ireland, UK, USA