The Transfiguration (2016) Movie Review

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The Transfiguration (2016)

2016 | R | Horror, Drama
97 minutes / 1h 37min

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The Transfiguration Plot Synopsis:

The outcast orphan Milo is a lonely teenager that lives with his brother in a dangerous neighborhood. Milo is fan of vampire stories and movies and he randomly kills people to drink their blood like a vampire and steal their money. When he meets the depressed teenager Sophie, they become friends and spend their leisure time together affecting Milo.

The Transfiguration (2016) Review

The Transfiguration (2016) is a 1h 37 min American independent drama horror film. First-time full-length director and writer Michael O’Shea did a phenomenal job executing this progressive horror that was done ultimately right. His work shows his appreciation for horror with him using vampirism for allegorical purposes. He dug deep into the story without making the story appearing to be heavy-handed. The movie has etched itself in my head as it keeps visualizing several scenes long after the film has ended. The Transfiguration is not our typical vampire movie as it takes a different approach to the film/story as it did a marvelous job balancing the horror elements.

The Transfiguration revolves around troubled teenager Milo (Eric Ruffin - The Inevitable (2013), The Good Wife (2011-2015), Nature Calls (2012)) living with his older brother, Lewis in New York City. Lewis (Aaron Moten - Mozart in the Jungle (2015-2016), The Night Of (2016), Ricki and the Flash (2015)) and Milo parents are deceased. Milo is obsessed with vampires and watches online videos about animals that are slaughtered brutally. His obsession with vampires is starting to affect his life as he is constantly thinking about blood and killing. Milo began to change a little after he met Sophie (Chloe Levine - The OA (2016), King Jack (2015), The Deuce (2017)) and confused his primal urges.

We got to see the world with drugs, gangs, gun violence, poverty and gangs who pressures impressionable teens every chance they have to do wrong things. Eric Ruffin and Chloe Levine gave us the best performance in this film as their acting was outstanding in every possible way. Eric played Milo who was amazingly engaging and easy to like although he did horrible things. The broad aspect of Milo is that he is a messed up kid who grew up without parents and went along with his love for vampires and just did the wrong things.

It was understandable Milo and Sophie was messed up as they were and that is because both of them grew up parentless and had to grow up too quickly. I admire the statement that Dean/Director portrays about a low-income neighborhood and about those who struggle to get by every day.

  • The Transfiguration Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 8
  • Overall Score: 7.33
  • IMDB: 6.0
  • MetaCritic: 6.5
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 8.4

About The Transfiguration 2016

Title: The Transfiguration
Year: 2016
Runtime: 97 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Drama
Score: 4 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.66/5 stars from 2,683 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 2,683
MPAA Rating: R
The Transfiguration Cast Starring: Larry Fessenden, Lloyd Kaufman, Clare Grant, Zak Kilberg, Victor Pagan, Christopher Martinez, Jada Jarvis, Dangelo Bonneli, Phyillicia Bishop, Andrea Cordaro, Heidi K. Eklund, Anna Friedman, Amir Dixon, Maya Parish, Jose Ignacio Gomez, Karin Cherches, Jaquan Kelly, Eli Tokash, JaQwan J. Kelly, Matthew Spiller, Chloe Levine, Samuel H. Levine, Rachel Kimsey, Keith Mackler, Jose Lopez, Patrick Daniels, Frank L. Messina, Clarissa Miller, Tyler Rossell, Aaron Moten
The Transfiguration Writers: NA
The Transfiguration Director: Michael O'Shea
Box Office: $21,926
Production: Transfiguration Prods.
Language: English
Country: USA