Demons (1985) Movie Review

Demons (1985)

1985 | Horror
88 minutes /

User Score: 59/100

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Demons Review


A group of people are trapped in a large movie theater in West Berlin that is infected by ravenous demons who proceed to kill and posses the humans one-by-one, thereby multiplying their numbers.

Lamberto Bava, son of the Italian horror legend and giallo godfather Mario Bava, teamed up with modern master Dario Argento (cowriter and producer) for this slick gorefest, a triumph of style and special effects over movie logic. Set in a refurbished German movie palace, our hapless soon-to-be victims arrive for a sneak preview of a horror movie only to see the gore unfold in the audience, as well as onscreen. While the exposition remains murky, one patron finds that an infected cut leads to a gooey transformation, and every one of her victims follows suit until the snaggle-toothed monsters outnumber the humans. The survivors, trapped in the tomb of a theater, must fend off attacks à la George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Borrowing liberally from films such as Dawn of the Dead and The Tingler, Demons also anticipates Scream in its cinema-savvy references, not to mention its undeniably Neve Campbell-ish heroine. The blaring heavy-metal-hard-rock soundtrack and the carnival horror-house atmosphere helps remind us that this is all just stupid fun. Despite the overwhelming body count, excessive gore, and rivers of green demon pus, the cartoonishly grotesque killings avoid the sad**tic edge of many Italian horror films. By the climax of the film the premise is long forgotten in a ghoul apocalypse, but who’s watching this for the story anyway?

About Demons (1985)

Title: Demons
AKA: Dèmoni
Year: 1985
Runtime: 88 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.95/5 stars from 261 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 261
Starring: Lino Salemme, Stelio Candelli, Lamberto Bava, Victor Beard, Bobby Rhodes, Michele Soavi, Eliana Miglio, Karl Zinny, Peter Pitsch, Fiore Argento, Paola Cozzo, Enrica Maria Scrivano, Fabiola Toledo, Alex Serra, Nicoletta Elmi, Claudio Spadaro, Sami Habib Ahmed, Nicole Tessier, Geretta Geretta, Paolo Corazzi, Guido Baldi, Giovanni Frezza, Bettina Ciampolini, Claudio Insegno, Giuseppe Mauro Cruciano, Goffredo Unger, Sally Day, Sergio Stivaletti, Emanuela Zicosky, Urbano Barberini
Writers: Dardano Sacchetti, Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Franco Ferrini
Director: Lamberto Bava

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